As a funny keynote speaker for your event, Adam entertains and empowers people.

In his motivational keynotes, Adam delivers:

  • First-class humor with a message tuned to their lives and your program goals.
  • A side-splitting workout in stress relief, then a feeling of renewal.
  • Group interaction, unity, camaraderie, and a real sense of team.

Adam has been ranked among the top 5 after-dinner and corporate speakers in America. SUCCESS magazine highlighted him as “one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in America.” Adam’s truly unique mix of leadership, humor, and creative communication, make him one of the most engaging and entertaining presenters in North America today. He has a knack for getting everybody laughing together no matter how large or small the audience.

Adam holds a degree in Public Speaking from Biola University where he was named to the university’s Alumni “Hall of Fame.” He is an expert at personalizing his message around your people and program goals.

“It’s not easy to find a keynote speaker who can share a super message AND delight our group with laughter.”

Julie Johnson CastongiaSenior Director, HealthCare Partners

Adam Christing Video Reel

“Your wisdom shared with the group empowered them to pursue their business dreams.”

Steve BarnesVice Chairman, The Academy Of Magical Arts

Keynote Humor:

Medical science is proving the truth of the old proverb, “Laughter is the best medicine.” In his presentation, Adam uses FUN interactive comedy plus solid content to show you how humor can help:

  • Change your point of view by looking at things in a funny way.
  • Transform your work, relationships and health by learning to take yourself lightly.
  • Handle adversity with the 3 secret ingredients of positive humor!
  • Say YES to Your Dreams

It’s a Sin to be Boring!

Adam is a funny speaker that helps audiences tap into 3 fun, attention-grabbing communication strategies. As a comedian AND corporate speaker, his message will help you present your ideas in such a creative way that people will remember what you say and care that you said it.

Dynamic Diversity

This is a fresh, non-threatening approach to an important topic. In this presentation, Adam involves your diverse group of attendees in lots of feel-good fun and team-oriented participation. Takeaway: Everyone walks away from this message feeling valued and empowered. Hire Adam as your humorous keynote speaker, and  together we can accomplish great things.

5 Benefits Of Hiring Adam As Your Keynote Speaker

giving a keynote speech at the reagan ceremony

Working with an outstanding Keynote Speaker is crucial to making your meeting a super-success.

So, what IS a “Keynote”? The term goes back to the world of classical music. A musician would strike a “key note” to set the tone for the musicians at the beginning of a public performance.

Whether you hire Adam as your funny and motivational Keynote Speaker to open or close your program, there are some “Key” notes you will want her/him to strike for you. Here are 5 Benefits to Hiring A Professional Keynote Speaker who will help you make your meeting memorable.

As Your Keynote Speaker…

  1. Adam will connect with your audience. Make sure your motivational speaker not only has something great to say, but says it in a compelling way. Your attendees want to feel captivated. A funny motivational speaker like Adam Christing will talk about transformation and not just information. Do your homework on your speaker before hiring. Is she/he engaging? Entertaining? Empowering? Tip: Watch video clips. Get references.
  2. Adam will customize material around your event theme. Your people will appreciate it when it’s obvious that your speaker has spent time becoming familiar with your organization—and your event goals. Do your part by helping your Keynote Speaker answer these questions: WHAT does your organization do? WHO do you serve? WHY are you meeting?
  3. Adam will create positive energy about your company. This is huge: Tell your Keynote Speaker how you want your audience to FEEL. Is this part of the program the high-energy kick-off or the feel-good farewell to the conference? What is the mood you want to create via this speaker? Your people will remember how you made them feel at your meeting.
  4.  Adam will collaborate with you long before the event date. More than just a conference call, go deeper with your Keynote Speaker weeks (or ideally months) prior to your program. Cover everything. How would they like to be introduced? What are their set-up needs? How can she/he discover more about your group before speaking? Share your ideal outcome(s) so that your speaker can prepare accordingly.
  5. Adam will communicate the values of your organization. Your Keynote Speaker will be representing you and your company. What does your group stand for? Share more about your company culture with your speaker—ideally via a story about your founder or a key leader. What is your organization known for? Exceptional service? Integrity? Note: Don’t just hand them your mission statement. Be transparent. Who personifies what is great about your company? Remember, your speaker will gravitate toward stories and personalities more than facts or statistics.

Like you, your Speaker should care about your program goals and the experience of your attendees.

By focusing on these 5 benefits, you can ensure that Adam will help you turn your meeting into a memorable experience for your entire team. Make sure you hire a keynote speaker who will hit these important “key notes” at your special event.

Adam Christing is a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, and professional comedian. He is the author of several humor and personal growth books including Your Life is a Joke: 12 Ways to Go from Ha Ha to AHA.