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Studies show that happy employees are 31% more productive in the office. Creating a welcoming and supportive work environment is essential if you want to help your team flourish and your company thrive!

Key takeaways

  1. CCommunication should be a top priority
  2. UUnite through fun team-building activities
  3. LLet go of any toxicity and promote positivity
  4. TTrust your employees by increasing autonomy
  5. UUnderstand the power of a healthy work-life balance
  6. RRecognize hard work and genuine effort
  7. EEntice your employees with comfortable and clean physical spaces

As an experienced corporate emcee, I’ve figured out what the modern-day employee truly needs at work in order to feel at peace. And it’s more simple than you realize!

So, without further ado, let me break down seven of my best workplace hospitality tips for you with the acronym CULTURE.

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#1. C – Communication should be a top priority

There are a few key aspects of any positive workspace that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the most fundamental is workplace hospitality.

However, creating a hospitable workplace might not be the piece of cake you might first assume. In fact, curating a positive and supportive workplace culture takes plenty of focus, attention, and effort.

But, as a workplace leader, it’s up to you to ensure you’re active in creating an office space that your team feels comfortable and supported in!

people working together in a business insights driven approach holistic hospitality solutions hotel room coffee shops reception desk person technology example service free food service desire personThe best way to create an office environment that exudes hospitality

The foundation of any high-functioning company is communication. Your team needs to be open and connected in order for engagement and productivity to thrive.

Be sure to encourage employees to express their thoughts and ideas freely. One way to do this is by implementing regular team meetings and providing channels for feedback, connection, and creativity.

#2. U – Unite through fun team-building activities

When your team can function as one, everything runs more smoothly. Plus, that ensures that the people who make up your organization and community feel at home and comfortable with each other.

In order to promote healthy workplace relationships, you should take some time to put together some team-building activities.

As a corporate emcee, I know how great interactivity can truly help an audience bond. Even if you’re not a master of ceremonies, with the right activities and the right speaker, you’ll be able to treat your team to a much-needed bonding session!

people sitting on a couch laughing together holistic hospitality solutions hospitality industry insights driven approach owners spaces companies hotels recent years owners service food space service

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#3. L – Let go of any toxicity and promote positivity

If you want a positive and hospitality-driven team, you need to start by getting rid of anything negative. Be sure that you don’t allow rumors to run wild and quickly nip any sour behavior.

It’s the least your workers deserve!

#4. T – Trust your employees by increasing autonomy

Success, inspiration, and newfound leadership come from freedom. Plus, no one likes to feel micromanaged.

Enable employees to run their own working day (to a certain extent, as always.) Give them some extra freedom and responsibilities.

That helps build trust and prioritizes teamwork, which is fundamental for your company’s culture!

#5. U – Understand the power of a healthy work-life balance

Now, we’ve reached one of the most integral aspects of creating a positive employee experience. Work-life balance.

If this phrase is unfamiliar to you, it’s a good idea to brush up on its meaning.

people sitting together and clapping moment technology spaces companies hotels hotel free clients offices coworking space communal spaces in office valued guests community amenities workday foodThe most important parts don’t even take place in the office space

The spaces of your office aren’t where your employees need to spend the majority of their time and hard work. Inspired employees are those who have a great balance between their home lives and work lives.

So, if you want to ensure each staff member in your office, be sure they have enough rest days to make up for their work days. That way, they can explore their own creative endeavors, spend time with family, or do whatever else piques their interest!

#6. R – Recognize hard work and genuine effort

If your employees work hard day in and day out with nothing to show for it except their paycheck, it’s easy to say that they’re likely to feel drained and unappreciated. And that’s, without a doubt, not a good way to promote hospitality.

Take time to recognize the efforts of your employees and offer rewards. Whether you want to dish out some extra vacation days or merely give out a “good job,” anything is better than nothing!

a group of people laughing together desire amenities entice people thought leadership deliver flexible amenities create connection expectations workday sense food work day strategy room hotel industry#7. E – Entice your employees with comfortable and clean physical spaces

The emotional and mental feeling in a workplace is only part of it. The remainder comes from the physical space.

Not only does this help establish a great first impression for guests stepping foot through the door, but it also ensures that the spaces your employees spend their time in are beneficial to their productivity and well-being.

Your employee’s surroundings are more important than you might think!

Wrapping up

Investing in the future of your organization starts with hospitality. Inspired, focused, and motivated people in your office will help boost productivity and engagement while helping to create a truly positive and uplifting place to work!

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