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Your dream company is hiring! Let’s take a look at the openings.

Yes! Looks like there are a bunch that fit your skill set… mostly. They all list time management as a required skill. Hmm… that’s never been your strong suit.

Maybe it’s time to work on that. After all, time management is important.

Let’s talk about why time management skills are vital to your success.

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Time Management Tip #1: Your Time Management Skills = Your Reputation

This goes for your personal and professional lives. Trust me, as a master of ceremonies, time management is my livelihood. If you have poor time management skills, you are probably always late.

If you are not late, then you’re unprepared. You might show up disheveled, frenzied, apologetic, or stressed.

If you are building a professional reputation to be proud of, you must manage your time. The more missed deadlines on your record, the less the team you manage will trust you.

Not to mention, poor time management means you’re probably rushing to get things done. The quality of your work will inevitably suffer.

Team of six colleagues practice effective time management as they focus on a large planning calendar that will help them achieve their goals and maximize productivityBecome a trustworthy team member

Focus on the ways you would like to grow professionally. Do you think missing deadlines and being late to finish tasks will help you get there? Sometimes there are even financial penalties for missed deadlines.

Practicing time management will help you deliver work you are proud of – on time.

Person wearing a blush button down practices good time management skills by looking at their watch to manage time for smaller tasksTime Management Tip #2: Time Management Helps You Balance Professional Life and Personal Life

Look, I get it. You have obligations at home and at work. It’s a lot to balance! Time management can help with that.

Without proper time management, you will probably need to work longer hours.

After all, you didn’t manage your time wisely and complete your tasks during your normal hours.

Because you are working more, you have less time for your friends, hobbies, family, and interests.

Imagine what work would look life with great time management…

You arrive at (or log onto) work.

  • You know what your schedule is for the day and what tasks you are going to complete.
  • You have breaks built in so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • You even put in time for a short walk to get some fresh air.
  • Throughout the day, your mind stays clear and focused.

Oh no! The day is almost over and you haven’t finished every task on your to-do list.

That’s okay! Because you manage your time well, you are still on track to meet your deadlines for each task. You can finish those items tomorrow and leave work at your normal hour.

Three member team practice their effective time management skills to review important tasks that they want to time properly as they approach a big projectNow you can focus on your work life balance

Work is finished for the day – yes! You left on time, thanks to your excellent time management skills. Now, the sky is the limit!

  • You checked your calendar this morning, so you know that your daughter’s basketball game is tonight.
  • You have a few hours to kill beforehand, so you stop by your favorite ice cream shop.
  • Your dad gives you a call. You answer and have a relaxed time catching up with each other because you are not stressed.
  • You cook dinner for your family and enjoy listening to everyone talk about their days. Your mind is not preoccupied with all of the things you didn’t get done.
  • You drive your daughter to her game and arrive fifteen minutes early.
  • At the game, your friend invites you to play pickleball that weekend. You gladly agree, with the knowledge that you have more free time than ever. And you’ve been searching for a new hobby!

See the difference?

Person demonstrates that they are good at managing time because they know that time management is important for maintaining focus as you achieve goals and maximize productivityThere is no question that time management benefits your work life balance.

The opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones is a huge motivator for many people. But no matter how you spend your free time, a better work life balance will grant you a vastly improved quality of life.

You will have more opportunities to explore your interests, spend time with loved ones, and simply relax.

Person in striped button down with brown hair looks at their watch and practices good time management skills while achieving a better work life balance thanks to using time tracking softwareTime Management Tip #3: Aah! Time Management Reduces Stress Levels

Did you know that, with time management, even the heftiest to-do lists can feel doable?

You need to take stock of every task you need to do.

  • Then, assess how much time you have to do it.
  • Finally, create a schedule of when you will get everything done.

This act alone will help you feel calmer and experience less stress.

Why? Simply knowing that you have a schedule can eliminate stress! Your tasks are no longer a heavy cloud above your head. They become manageable items with specific times for completion. This trick has helped me prepare immensely in my corporate emcee duties!

How good time management helps you spend less time feeling stress

Proper time management tells you when you will get things done. Therefore, those tasks don’t need to take up mental space when you’re not addressing them.

For example, small business owners have so much to do.

Hiring, branding, marketing, creating the product itself, and so much more. With good time management skills, however, they can build free time into their schedules.

This can lead to less time feeling stressed because they are dedicating time to relaxation and mental rest.

Person practices good time management skills and knows the importance of time management in achieving less stress and a better professional reputationTime management is important for working parents, too

It is so important for working parents to eliminate stress via time management. Excessive stress can impact the quality of time spent with their children.

With the right time management skills, however, working parents can reduce stress. This helps them become fully present while spending time with their kids. Time management can lead to stronger relationships.

Time Management Tip #4: You Accomplish More When You Manage Your Time

Okay, this might sound odd. But you can achieve more when you map out your time.

Yes, that means that setting deadlines for yourself actually lets you achieve more!

More control = more productivity.

If you have no set schedule, there is nothing motivating you to get the work done. This is detrimental to your productivity.

You can waste time all morning and get one or two things done in the afternoon.

By the time the day is over, you haven’t accomplished much.

This is why good time management is important for productivity. Deadlines put a limit on the time you have to complete multiple tasks. If you must get something done within a certain time pan, you will use your time well.

Person with an hourglass practices good time management skills and honors the importance of time management by practicing self discipline and spending more time on the most important tasksFor example, you have tickets to a Lady Gaga concert tonight. You also have a major work deadline tomorrow.

First of all, good time management skills would have helped you plan for this. By taking control of your time, you would have ensured you had enough time.

Build in breaks for productivity

I promise, this will change your life. Build breaks into your schedule and you will get more done. I do this even as an event emcee!

You know the phrase, “work smarter, not harder“? That is appropriate here. The fact is that your brain needs rest. After a certain amount of time, you lose focus and start to drag on your daily tasks.

By building breaks into your schedule, you give your mind time to rejuvenate.

You will see increased productivity during your next work sprint, too. Greater productivity means getting more done! You will finish multiple projects in the time it would have taken you to complete one before.

Person in blue top with blonde hair sits at computer and practices good time management skills that help them time effectively and spend more time on important tasks and less effort on small tasksBonus: Back to Basics: What is Event Management?

Time Management Tip #5: You Will Get More Sleep

In fact, you will have more time for sleep and you will get more sleep! All it takes is a little self discipline.

Time management means you won’t need to pull late-night work sessions. Instead, you’ll make the most of your working hours. This leaves you more time to rest, leaving you with energy to tackle each task on tomorrow’s to-do list!

Plus, your quality of sleep will improve because you will feel less stressed. Gone are the nights of tossing and turning, fretting over deadlines. You will know when tasks will be completed. Getting enough sleep and better quality sleep?

Sign me up!

Team of five uses effective time management skills to focus on an important element of their project and use a calendar to map out tasks so they can work smarter and have more free timeTime Management Tip #6: Time Management Benefits Your Relationships

There are so many reasons why time management is good for your relationships. You will be less stressed, increasing your patience and positivity. Folks will want to spend more time around you.

Plus, you will have more time to spend with those you love. You will have managed personal time into your day to dedicate to fostering better relationships.

Your relationships will even thrive at work! The right time management leaves room for breaks throughout your day.

You can use that time to strengthen your workplace relationships. Have lunch with colleagues, collaborate on a fun project, or grab a drink after work.

Person in dotted button up and glasses checks watch because they know the importance of time management and how it helps them achieve goals and have enough time to focus on loved onesTime Management Tip #7: You Will Figure Out What Works for You

Practicing time management will help you learn a lot about yourself.

The way you manage your time can reveal:

  • Your ideal sleep schedule
  • Your most productive working hours
  • The activities in your personal life that you cannot do without
  • How often you need to take breaks to stay productive

Learning all of this about yourself is invaluable. It’s like finding the key to unlocking your greatest accomplishments!

Managing time helps you design a work life balance that leaves you thriving.

With more energy, greater happiness, and disciplined productivity, there is nothing you can’t do!

Three colleagues look at time tracking software the importance of time management and want to use effective time management to focus on goal setting and achieve more opportunitiesLet’s Review!

Upping your time management skills will change your life. You will be shocked at how much more time and energy you have.

You’ll get more done and feel better doing it!

If it gets challenging, remember why time management is worth the effort:

Time Management Tip #1: Your time management skills = your reputation

Time Management Tip #2: Time management helps you balance professional life and personal life

Time Management Tip #3: Aah! Time management reduces stress levels

Time Management Tip #4: You accomplish more when you manage your time

Time Management Tip #5: You will get more sleep

Time Management Tip #6: Time management benefits your relationships

Time Management Tip #7: You will figure out what works for you

With practice, you’ll become a master time manager!

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