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We’ve talked about what rapport is. But why is rapport important? Good question!

Remember, rapport building is the skill of developing harmonious relationships. It is the art of getting along with people!

Here are my top 5 reasons why building rapport is vital to your professional success:

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#1: Good Rapport Provides the Foundation for Authentic Relationships

Establishing rapport is all about building harmonious personal relationships. As a professional master of ceremonies, I’ve seen firsthand the kind of benefits meaningful rapport can create. The more meaningful relationships you build, the better your business will be.

Find common ground with your colleagues and customers.

Ask them questions about their personal life, and their interests. Display empathy when they need your assistance or patience.

For example, your customer doesn’t have exact change one day.

Instead of demanding they run to the ATM, you accept what they have.

The customer appreciates the empathy you have demonstrated, which makes them more likely to return to your business. Plus, you show that you value your relationship.

Two people mutual understanding after they establish rapport and actively listen to one another during an important conversation#2: Your Business Will Thank You for Building Rapport

Customers don’t want to return to a business where they feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it pays to build rapport.

Better rapport = more business

When you build a good relationship with customers or colleagues, they will feel comfortable. This means they will want to work with you again.

Client repetition as you build a working relationship is good for your reputation and your sales.

Person is reviewing a piece of paper with charts and graphs on it in a sunny office that has white curtains a wooden table and gray wallsCreate a rapport-building plan

It would be interesting to put this tip to the test: Create a bona fide process for building rapport with customers.

Once you have activated the plan, pay attention to your sales and if and how they change. Are you retaining more customers?

Consider these ideas for your process of creating rapport with customers:

  • Ask each customer their birthday and call to offer a free gift on that day each year;
  • Set up a booth at local community events and listen thoughtfully to each customer who stops by;
  • Anticipate regular orders; if a customer always buys the same thing, be prepared! You can even call them in advance to see if they want to change it.

Three people maintaining rapport with each other for years smile as one shakes hands with a client strong connection and a positive work process#3: Rapport Building Helps You Earn Respect with Customers

They say that you have to give respect to get it.

Using your voice is great. But one of the best ways to give respect in a relationship is by actively listening.

When customers:

  • Focus on what they are saying. It’s more than small talk.
  • Ask follow-up questions.
  • Pay attention and remember details.

Then, you will be able to bring up key points about their lives later.

Follow up on their daughter’s graduation, their mother’s health, and their best friend’s engagement. This type of active listening will earn you respect.

Why? Because you are demonstrating it yourself. 

Three colleagues who are working on maintaining rapport take time to establish empathy and connection because they understand the importance of rapport in having a good working relationship#4: You Will Develop Stronger Communication Skills As You Develop Rapport

In order to build rapport, you need to let your personality shine! This means getting comfortable and exuding welcoming energy to the customer with whom you are speaking as if you were the corporate emcee welcoming them into the event space. 

Start with your body language.

An effective communicator maintains open body language that says, “You can talk to me.” Would you approach a person who has their arms crossed and won’t make eye contact with you? Probably not.

Open up!

Smile at each customer. If it feels appropriate, shake their hand. Do not hover over the customer, but make yourself available to them.

Effective communication is the key to good rapport building.

The better your communication skills, the more a client will feel comfortable going to you. You will be more likely to get partnerships and sales, close deals, and beat the competition.

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#5: Building Rapport Bolsters Your Clients’ Confidence in You

As you establish trust and loyalty with your customers, they will recommend you to others.

This is important because it means they have confidence in you.

The customer is willing to use you as a positive example. Word of mouth is one of the best resources in business!

No one is going to recommend a professional with whom they didn’t have a great customer experience.

When I recommend a service to friends, there is a mutual understanding that they can trust me. Maintain rapport with your current customers and your name will get around (in a good way)!

Four teammates who understand the importance of rapport building as an important part of genuine positive relationships essential sales goalsA Rapport Review!

By now, you know how important it is to build rapport. It makes sense to create strong relationships with customers! But in case you still need help in the rapport department, consider hiring an emcee to help you out. Otherwise, let’s review!

Let’s recap my top 5 reasons why:

#1: Good rapport provides the foundation for authentic relationships.

#2: Your business will thank you for building rapport.

#3: Rapport building helps you earn respect.

#4: You will develop stronger communication skills as you are developing rapport.

#5: Building Rapport Bolsters Your Clients’ Confidence in You

Remember, good rapport is one of your greatest resources in business. Try different techniques and see what works for you.

See you soon!

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