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Why should you consider hiring a motivational speaker for your next event? Great question!

Here’s a quick introduction to help you learn:

  • What motivational speakers are;
  • Why companies love to hire them to motivate your team, and;
  • How they can give your business, company, or organization a burst of fresh energy!

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Step #1: What is a Motivational Speaker?

Let’s start with the basics: a motivational speaker is someone who is hired to address a group with the goal of inspiring or motivating them.

Fun fact: for this reason, they can also be referred to as an inspirational speaker.

Motivational speakers can focus on a wide range of topics and are usually hired to speak about a subject that is deeply relevant to the people in the audience.

They provide a new perspective

A great motivational speaker will get listeners interested in thinking about issues from a new perspective.

For example, perhaps the speaker grew up in a rural part of the country and the presentation they are delivering helps people who live in cities understand the ways that a rural upbringing can impact someone’s values, motivation, and way of life.

Ultimately, motivational speakers promote empathy in your company and your community

By highlighting people’s different experiences (typically with a message from their own lives), they frequently end up making the point that we actually share many more similar values and experiences than we realized. That is an invaluable message for your group to hear.

Employees listen to motivational speaker at conferenceDifferent types of motivational speakers

Depending on the company or organization you work with and the makeup of the audience in question, you will likely hire a motivational speaker from one of the following categories:


The right motivational speaker for a conference or event at your company likely has a business background and can share valuable motivational tools that will contribute to the company’s success.

This person can deliver an address to your employees about the trials they’ve experienced throughout their career, and demonstrate to your employees the importance of perseverance.


If you work at a school, summer camp, or other youth-centered institution or company, consider hiring a motivational speaker who specializes in communicating with young people. Kids can be very receptive to an outside expert.

They may talk about how to stay motivated as a student when times get hard, how to cope with bullying and find genuine friendships, or how to find someone to confide in when things are challenging at home.

Speaker at corporate event speaks about career development and perceived challenges of a jobPersonal Development

An outside speaker can offer motivation to affinity groups, support groups, or social groups. These speakers can help those who struggle with the big picture of their lives and seek inspiration.

For example, speakers may deliver speeches to listeners who are not sure where their path in life should lead. Did they choose the right life partner, the right career? How can they overcome their deepest fears, or start feeling comfortable in their own skin?


Communities face specific challenges around education, environmental sustainability, economic welfare, and so much more. A speaker – and even a master of ceremonies – can motivate community members to take action and help them feel empowered in their own capabilities to create positive change in their neighborhoods.

Workplace speech focused on the benefits of productivityStep #2: Why Do Companies Hire Motivational Speakers?

There are lots of ways companies try to give back to their employees. An impactful option is to hire a motivational speaker that will leave employees feeling inspired!

Break up monotony

We all know that workdays can become a bit… well, humdrum.

Remember how it used to feel when there was an assembly at school? Well, a motivational speaker can give employees that same breath of fresh air because it switches up their work days!

When employees know there is an upcoming event that is focused on their well-being and not just productivity, they will feel excited to attend, especially with a great event emcee hosting. Bringing everyone together for a feel-good speech is a great way to boost employees’ morale.

Speaker increases engagement and introduces new techniques to employeesRejuvenate your employees

At your next company event, consider inviting a speaker whose message speaks directly to your employees. Perhaps they have a story about how hard work brought them great success in an industry they’d had no previous connections with.

Inspire creativity

Or, a speaker can share ideas on how to see your job through different perspectives, inspiring your team to revitalize their creativity when completing everyday projects. Speakers’ presentations, as introduced by a corporate emcee, can activate energy, help your team feel appreciated, and remind them that their jobs can feel meaningful.

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Step #3: What is the Difference Between a Motivational Speaker and a Keynote Speaker?

Curious what the difference is between a motivational speaker and keynote speaker? They have some similarities, but here are their key distinguishing qualities:

Keynote speakers are likely to be experts in your field; motivational speakers aren’t necessarily

Typically, the right keynote speaker brings expertise in the exact field to which your employees or guests belong. They may be industry experts, academics, or other professionals in the field.

Conversely, motivational speakers aren’t necessarily members of the industry. What’s more important is that they have relevant experience and new ideas that will resonate with your guests on a thematic, deeply meaningful level.

Keynote speakers are usually the first to speak

As you may have read in my recent blog post, A Beginner’s Guide to Keynote Speakers, it is typical for a keynote speaker to give their speech near the beginning of the event because it sets the tone for the entire program.

However, motivational speakers may take the stage at any point in the program. In fact, many speakers close out organization or company events because management want to leave their employees feeling inspired and energized.

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