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Putting together an awesome get-together truly takes a village. Today, we’re going to talk about the worker bees who make the event run smoothly: event staff.

Hiring managers: consider these points when creating your next event staff job description template. I hope to make your hiring process easier!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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#1: What is the Role of Event Staff?

Let’s say you are attending a gala fundraiser for a nonprofit. Or you like to spend your weekends at sporting events.

Chances are you see lots of people working at those events.

  • Maybe they are setting up the outdoor reception tent.
  • Perhaps they are waiting tables.
  • Or they are checking your coat at the door.

Job Overview:

The primary duties may vary. But it is essentially their job to make the event function. They are less involved in the planning but heavily involved in the execution.

One of the most frequent job requirements for event staff is to work nights.

This is because many events happen in the evening, after traditional work hours.

The hours can be long, too. The event staff is typically expected to arrive a few hours before the event begins. They may also be required to stay after its completion to help break down and clean up.

The overall success of an event depends on the event staff.

An event planner’s vision may be spectacular. But if there is no event staff to execute that vision, it stays on the page!

From photographers to emcees, bartenders to hostesses, skillful event staff make for the best events.

Event staff members use organizational skills to check in guests and equipment#2: How Are Event Staff Different from Event Coordinators?

I know, I know – there are many event professionals, including masters of ceremonies like myself. It can be hard to differentiate between them!

I hope this clears things up: An event coordinator oversees the event staff.

The event coordinator is on-site to bring the event planner’s vision to life. They make sure everyone is doing their jobs and that the event runs smoothly.

The coordinator understands all of the event staff positions’ responsibilities.

When they arrive at the venue, the coordinator will confirm their event staff role. They help ensure that the work is being done properly throughout the event.

Person has the ability to stay present and create relationships with company workers#3: What Responsibilities Do Event Staff Have?

There are countless event staff responsibilities that may be assigned during an event. It depends on the type of event!

Here are a few examples:

Formal Gala Dinner

The event staff job description may include:

  • Setting up tables based on the seating arrangements provided;
  • Collecting auction items from venues’ restricted areas;
  • Staying available to answer questions for guests and ensure they have a positive experience.

Photographer is responsible for getting pictures at the company trainingCharity Carnival

The event staff job description may include:

  • Serving food and drink to guests at the concession stand;
  • Arriving early to set up equipment and staying late to take down the tents and kiosks;
  • Working the cash registers at the ticket booth.

No matter how well you anticipate corporate event staff requirements, always include “other duties as assigned” on the job description.

This tells staff they should be prepared for unexpected responsibilities to arise.

#4: Who is Qualified to Work on Event Staff?

All sorts of candidates have the ability to fit an event staff job description! It depends on the event and what the event manager requires.

For example, some event management teams will require a high school diploma. Others will not.

There are certain qualifications staff members will need, depending on the event.

Candidates may require:

  • Knowledge of fire code regulations and the ability to train others;
  • A CPR certification;
  • The ability to work with a bilingual team;
  • Experience using heavy machinery or other equipment;
  • A current driver’s license.

People in interview go over event details and decide the job duties fit the candidateBonus: 6 Secrets for Improving Your People Skills

What Skills Should Top Candidates Bring to the Table?

We know event operations look different from fancy balls to charity baseball tournaments. But there are certain skills that are universally desired for an event staff member.

Interpersonal skills

An event manager wants to hire an emcee and staff with stellar interpersonal skills. When they post an event staff job, they want to find people who communicate effectively.

If you are working an events job, it should be easy to get along with you. You should have strong communication skills that make you approachable and helpful.

Customer service skills

The importance of excellent customer service skills cannot be understated!

The event planner or coordinator cannot be everywhere at once. They need to trust that the other professionals on staff are behaving appropriately.

Whether handling the cash registers or breaking down equipment, event staff must have a positive attitude.

This can be especially challenging when they work over extended periods of time.

Poor customer service makes attendees unhappy and the client is unlikely to hire the event planning team for a job again.

Ability to work under pressure

An event staff job description will frequently request comfort working in a fast-paced environment. It is vital that event staff handle themselves professionally under these circumstances.

With so much going on, stressful situations are bound to arise at events. Event staff must be ready to solve problems, not add to them.

Organizational skills and time management

Organizational skills make or break event staff.

Staff at events are usually responsible for juggling many balls! Hiring managers look for people they know will fulfill all of their responsibilities.

Candidates should be well practiced at prioritizing, staying flexible, and being on time to venues.

People review duties and apply for job bringing equipment to venuesThose Are the Basics!

I hope this has been a helpful introduction to the world of staffing events.

Whether you are hiring or job seeking, you should have a better understanding of the importance of excellent event staff.

Good luck!

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