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Event planning involves a lot of moving parts. Trust me, I’ve been a part of the event planning process hundreds of times.

Luckily, the event staff is there to help you manage those moving parts. (As am I as your event emcee.)

Below, I’ve listed out 9 things to expect from your event staff. Because going into the event planning process with both eyes open is the perfect recipe for success.

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Key Takeaways

Below is what you would find on any event staff job description template. This can help you conceptualize how the event staff will help you manage all event details.

Hire adam christing for eventsEvent staff job description

  • Welcome guests into the event venue
  • Answer questions the guests may have
  • Solve problems with guests while ushering them away from restricted areas
  • Set up the event space with appropriate lighting and sound equipment
  • Facilitate the organization and cleanliness of the venue
  • Uphold necessary safety precautions
  • Perform security roles throughout the event
  • Serve food and drinks to guests
  • Take down the event and pack up

Event staff requirements

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Organizational skills
  • High school diploma
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • A positive attitude
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Work nights, weekends, and more

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of all that goes into an event staff job. But if you want a closer look into what to expect from your event staff, keep reading.

What to expect from your event staff

#1. Event staff members will work under the Event Manager

Every event staff member will report to the Event Manager. So anything you want to communicate to the event management team should be through their project lead.

Event staff positions are entry level position during hiring process for sporting events and job overview and job description position foodEvery events job varies so it’s especially important to communicate with the manager as openly as possible. Depending on the event staff team, the manager may be fulfilling other duties throughout the course of the night.

If this is the case, make sure you know what those duties are. That way, you can always keep your eye on the person in charge of the entire event staff.

#2. Event staff members will work with guests on-site

As you saw from the job description above, event staff duties include working with attendees directly. They are responsible for welcoming them into venues and assisting them with any questions they may have.

It’s important to recognize that the event staff will be your attendees’ first experience of the event. So make sure that they speak to attendees in a warm, welcoming manner.

Even present them with a list of who your target audience is. That way, the event staff knows exactly who they’re talking to and how they can best be of service.

#3. They will set up the event space and unload equipment

Event staff requirements also include setting up the event space. Depending on the event company you go with, they may offer their own lighting and sound equipment or not.

So be sure to know in advance whether they will provide for your events in this way. Additionally, if you have any specifications for how you want the space arranged, tell the event company ahead of time.

This will help mitigate any potential issues once you arrive at the events venue. Plus, it gives the events team time to prepare for their impending responsibilities.

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#4. Event operations will undertake security duties

Part of the event staff’s job responsibilities also includes acting as security. This may mean ushering attendees away from restricted areas.

Stand for extended periods of time at event work job requirements include time ability in event staff roleOr, this might mean escorting a particularly rowdy attendee out from the venue itself. Just know that your event staff is here to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible.

Issues are bound to arise. But everyone on the job will have been trained to handle security and safety detail.

#5. Event staff responsibilities include operating cash registers

If you’re hosting a corporate fundraiser, you’ll definitely want to talk to your event staff ahead of time. They’ll be in charge of collecting any donations and keeping track of how much revenue is collected by the end of the night.

At some events, it’s likely you may have volunteers performing these responsibilities. But knowing that this is a part of an events staff’s job responsibilities is important information to have.

This way, you can budget how many volunteers you’ll need ahead of time and what positions they may need to fill.

#6. Event staff will perform high levels of customer service skills

The staff at your events all hand one goal in mind: to contribute to the overall success of the evening. One way event staff does this is through their ability to perform excellent customer service.

Their job involves welcoming folks into the venue and assisting them at any given moment. Therefore, they set the tone for your event as a whole.

Training available for new jobs and training in related field will help assist event staff duties and teamAs a hired emcee, I like to meet with the event staff beforehand to remind them we’re all on the same team. The same way I welcome an audience into the event hall is the same way they welcome them at the door.

#7. Event staff will handle stressful situations with ease

When you’re planning an event, you’re responsible for a lot of things. One of which is when things go awry.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but hardly any event ever goes perfectly smoothly. Luckily, that’s why you have a master of ceremonies and a sturdy event staff to help you manage those obstacles as they arise.

No matter the issue, this is where the event staff gets to let their skills shine. I mentioned a whole array of skills in the blog summary up top.

Included are skills in communication, organization, interpersonal aptitude, and an ability to remain calm in fast-paced environments. All of these skills will come in handy when things don’t go according to plan.

So make sure you can count on your event staff to perform these skills. They’re the skills that really count.

#8. They will make sure all guests have a positive experience

An event staff’s ability to give folks a positive experience is truly uncanny. After all, every staff position has the same goal in mind: to assist eventgoers and offer them a fantastic night.

If you, as the event planner, anticipate any difficulties, tell the event staff ahead of time. This way, they won’t be put in an awkward position later that could have been avoided.

Location post and post location mater when event staff work hard and pay attention to detail candidatesOnly you know your target audience best. So to the best of your ability, be sure to include the event staff in how you anticipate the event going.

This way, you establish yourself as a member of the team. And this can do wonders for boosting morale and cohesion across the board.

#9. They will communicate effectively with guests and other staff members

It’s impossible for an event staff not to communicate with one another. If they did, there wouldn’t be any event at all!

So use their communication skills to your advantage as an event planner. Be as open with them as possible to make sure that any mishaps are avoided throughout the evening.

As the staff communicates with eventgoers and other staff members alike, it’s important to have everyone on the same page. At the end of the night, you’re all on the same team.

Each person brings their own unique ability to the table. So figure out how this can position you for a successful evening.

Wrapping up

Obviously, you want your evening to be spectacular. Well, you can’t have a spectacular night without the right staff by your side.

I hope this quick guide has helped you understand what to expect!

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