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Did you know that 16% of companies operate fully remotely, while 12.7% of all employees work from home?! With virtual work steadily becoming the norm, it’s important to find new and exciting ways to connect with your team on a more personal level.

Key Takeaways

  1. AAmusing quizzes and icebreakers
  2. CCooking classes
  3. TTalent show
  4. IInteractive workshops
  5. VVirtual group games
  6. IInspiring guest speakers
  7. TTeam-building exercises
  8. YYoga and meditation sessions

Just because your team can’t regularly gather in the breakroom doesn’t mean that they can’t spend some quality time together. By hosting some fun virtual team-building activities, you’ll be able to encourage collaboration and socializing within your team, no matter how far apart they might be!

Keep reading, and I’ll share eight ideas for team-building activities you can do with your remote workers.

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#1. Amusing Quizzes And Icebreakers

Team activities are great ways to encourage collaboration, build positive relationships, and boost employee morale. Your team deserves to feel like they belong in the workplace, and social activities are one way to do that!

Even if your team is a more introverted crowd, you shouldn’t underestimate the value and importance of virtual team-building events.

Team building can offer many advantages to a team or a company as a whole. A major benefit is that it can boost team spirit and improve employee satisfaction. But it’s also critical in fostering a supportive, caring, and positive company culture.

So, now let’s get into exactly how you and your employees can reap the rewards of remote team-building activities!

How Do You Bring A Team Together Virtually?

Bringing together a group of people is hard enough when they’re all in the same town. But that challenge is multiplied when each individual is separated by possibly hundreds or even thousands of miles!

Even if your team works remotely, there’s no good reason why you can’t host a virtual team-building event for them.

It’s no surprise that remote work is on the rise. It’s projected that by the year 2050, 32.6 million Americans will work remotely. So it’s incredibly important to find ways to adapt to this new way!

Virtual Meeting Platforms

If you’re looking to bring the team together for a team-building activity, the first step is to find the right medium to do so. If you already have a platform you and your team loves, great! If not, here are some you might like to try out:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Cisco Webex
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Microsoft Teams

girl sitting in a video conference online team virtual team building ideas virtual teams remote employees employee engagementHow Do You Make A Virtual Huddle Fun?

Now that you know how you’ll get everyone together, you need to figure out the rest of the details.

Unfortunately, many workers carry with them misconceptions about what “team-building activities” are all about. Their minds conjure up images of boring meet-ups that end up being more awkward than anything.

If you want your team to feel excited and intrigued about an upcoming virtual team-building activity, you need to focus on these few key items.

The Start Of Any Enjoyable Get-Together

For starters, you need to be sure that you keep meetings short. No one likes to have their time eaten away at (especially by something that could just be an email.)

Next, strike the right balance between listening and speaking. You shouldn’t be so uninvolved that nothing happens, but you also shouldn’t end up talking everyone’s ear off.

Lastly, decide on activities that everyone is on board with! Don’t settle on a particular game just because one person heavily advocated for it. Instead, incorporate elements that will please the most amount of people.

The Best Way To Energize Your Remote Team

When it comes to hosting the perfect virtual activities, sometimes, simple is better. Instead of getting caught up in the razzle and dazzle of extravagant virtual team-building events, just opt for something a bit more laid back.

That way, you can effortlessly repeat without much hassle, cost, or strain!

Fun quizzes and icebreakers are one of the best ways to help your team grow closer, loosen up, and spend time together. Entertaining and hilarious questions only seek to build the bonds of great relationships!

Use online platforms or specialized quiz tools to design interactive quizzes, and don’t forget to incorporate elements like images or videos to make them more engaging. You can also introduce team-based quizzes where participants collaborate to answer questions together, promoting teamwork and friendly competition!

Don’t Forget This Essential Element

When it comes to putting together the perfect team-building event, you can’t forget to book an emcee. That way, the festivities can run smoothly, and you can be guaranteed that your team will have an exceptional time!

As an experienced corporate emcee, I’ve hosted my fair share of virtual and hybrid team events. And it’s important to include this essential element if you want your event or get-together to be a success!

#2. Cooking Classes

girl in her kitchen cooking with a laptop remote employees online team building ideas happy hour team meeting video call happy hour team morale virtual team events more team members video callsWhat better way to encourage teamwork and positive feelings than with food? After all, everyone knows that some good food equals a good mood!

You can arrange a virtual cooking class where team members can learn and prepare a recipe together, either with a trained professional or with a chosen YouTube video.

Make sure whatever recipe you pick is accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved. That means it might not be a good idea to opt to cook something challenging like soufflé if your entire team isn’t experienced in the kitchen.

Provide a list of ingredients to your team beforehand, and encourage your team to showcase their culinary creations at the end!

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#3. Talent Show

Even the most skilled workers on your team likely have passions and interests that don’t necessarily correlate with what they do from nine to five. And they deserve to have a chance to show that off!

Organize a virtual talent show where team members can showcase their talents. From singing to sharing weird skills, allocate a specific time slot for each participant to perform their talent.

Be sure to focus on encouraging a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone is appreciated. After all, it’s hard enough to put yourself on the spot, so reward your team for their bravery!

#4. Interactive Workshops

girl smiling at her laptop at home team member online interactive workshop fun way remote teams other team members in personGrowing and learning new things is essential for us as people and professionals. And your workers would likely enjoy a chance to better themselves and expand their mindsets.

Interactive virtual workshops are booming, and now is your chance to host one (or a few) for your team. Whether you want to bring the team together for a sales and marketing workshop or something a bit more interactive, this idea is a great way to promote interactive team bonding.

#5. Virtual Team-Building Games

Sometimes, the best thing you can give your team is a chance to sit back, relax, and spend some time doing something truly fun. And everyone can get on board with some games!

Whether your employees are video game fanatics or prefer family-style board games, it’s easy to engage your workers with virtual team games. Plus, games like this help promote collaboration and friendly competition.

You can easily pick the right game from the numerous online multiplayer video games, virtual board games, or interactive online challenges that are available on the web. Try choosing games that encourage teamwork, strategizing, and problem-solving!

laptop with games on the screen fun virtual games online office games virtual game virtual games video calls in person virtual trivia happy hour online game virtual games employee engagement virtual dance party#6. Inspiring Guest Speakers

Hearing stories of how people overcame challenges to form a better life is always an encouraging tale. So, invite motivational speakers or industry experts to conduct virtual sessions for your team!

Look for a speaker who can share inspiring stories, insights, and valuable advice with your team. Be sure to foster an interactive environment where your team is free to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions.

These inspirational sessions can serve as a source of motivation and professional development for your team members.

#7. Team-Building Exercices

Sometimes, you need to bring it back to the basics if your goal is truly team-building!

Implementing some virtual team exercises can help strengthen relationships and improve collaboration among team members. These exercises can include trust-building activities, problem-solving challenges, or virtual team simulations.

Be sure to pick activities that can be easily adapted to a virtual setting! And luckily, it’s pretty easy to do just that for most activities.

#8. Yoga And Meditation Sessions

Especially if your team is coming down from a rather stressful week, you’d be best off giving them a chance to recharge and relax. And there’s no better method for that than yoga and meditation!

Creating A Calm And Safe Atmosphere

Conducting virtual yoga or meditation sessions is perfect for helping your employees relax and improve their mental wellness. Don’t forget to book a certified instructor who can safely guide your team through various yoga poses, breathing exercises, or meditation techniques.

You should also take time to create a calm and comfortable environment before the session starts. Ensure your team has a quiet place and equipment like yoga mats or cushions.

Wrapping Up

In today’s digital world, hosting a successful virtual event doesn’t need to be a challenge. As long as you and your team are ready for some hearty encouragement and positive feelings, there’s nothing holding you back!

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