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57% of all companies in the United States planned on holding holiday parties in 2022. It’s no surprise that a big part of corporate camaraderie comes from annual Christmas parties, and it’s important to treat your team after a year of hard work!

Key takeaways

  1. Play some virtual holiday games with your remote employees
  2. Host a fun-lovin’ throwback holiday party
  3. Have a holistic self-care day at the office
  4. Put together a tree decorating competition
  5. Sweeten things up with a Christmas cookie and candy bar
  6. Bring in everyone’s furry friends for a pet holiday party

Your holiday celebration should entail more than a measly Christmas tree stuffed in the corner and a few iced sugar cookies. Instead, you should take the time and effort to facilitate a corporate event that you can be proud to send invites for!

Keep reading, and I’ll share my six favorite corporate holiday party ideas.

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#1. Play some virtual holiday games with your remote employees

Regardless of how spread out your team might be, it’s easier than ever in this day and age to connect with people across vast distances.

So, even if your workforce is primarily made of remote workers, it’s actually incredibly easy to still enjoy the holiday spirit together!

people celebrating at work company's holiday party ideas secret santa wine tasting award prizes low key groups conference room virtual reality photo boothFinding unique corporate holiday party ideas that your team will love

Instead of taking time and effort to plan an elaborate in-person corporate event, you can do the same thing, but online. Virtual parties make it easy for everyone to gather together in a laid-back and relaxed manner without worrying about things like traffic or parking.

Online holiday games can be fun for any and everyone to engage in while promoting team-building and bonding. And that’s what the holidays should be about.

When it comes down to it, it’s important to find ways at all times of the year to connect with your workers. The holidays just give you the perfect excuse to do so!

#2. Host a fun-lovin’ throwback holiday party

Especially if your office is predominantly an older crowd, a throwback holiday party is perfect for igniting positive bonds while tapping into some heartwarming nostalgia.

Incorporate plenty of throwback elements for your team

For this party to truly rock, start off by grabbing a karaoke machine.

Or, you can always use some backing tracks from YouTube (it is 2023, after all). Some tunes from the 90’s or 00’s are the perfect way to get people jammin’!

You can continue the festivities with some “old-fashioned” board games like Grape Escape, Mr. Bucket, or Jumanji.

Throw in a friendly competition or two!

You can promote some friendly company-wide competition by having a throwback outfit contest. Now is the time to bust out those grunge, ripped jeans and neon windbreakers!

#3. Have a holistic self-care day at the office

Most of the time, employees can easily feel burnt out or stressed out by workplace antics. Whether they are worried about interacting with a specific coworker or are anxious in regard to an upcoming deadline, it’s easy for modern-day workers to start to feel the pressures of the workplace.

people eating and serving pumpkin pie company holiday party ideas holiday cheer gift wrapping party pajama party scavenger hunt gingerbread house movie night

Treat the entire office to a holiday party they can truly benefit from

So, one of the best holiday party ideas for this season is to help your team let go of these worries and woes.

And the best way to do that is by having a holistic self-care get-together!

Sometimes, less is more. And it might be more valuable to your team to have a meaningful day full of self-love and team bonding.

Plus, some genuine rest and relaxation will help your team feel ready to take on anything that comes their way when they return to the office.

#4. Put together a tree decorating competition

Events that encourage attendees to work together through some friendly competition are often best. And a tree decorating competition is the perfect way to do just that during the holidays!

Not only is this activity fun for everyone, but it’s also pretty easy to put together.

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two girls decorating a tree at work fun activities ping pong balls casino night play games company holiday party christmas party ideas holiday theme movie nightRockin’ around the mini tree

Start by getting plenty of mini trees along with ornaments if your team isn’t bringing their own. Be sure to split everyone into small groups and give them a limited amount of time to decorate and spruce up their trees!

How to host a tree decorating competition for a virtual party

One of the best parts of this idea is that it’s easy to invite employees virtually. You can even reinstate it every year for a fun office holiday tradition!

Instead of providing mini trees for your team, encourage employees to share their own at-home tree designs that they put together with their families.

#5. Sweeten things up with a Christmas cookie and candy bar

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of the seasonal holidays is the delicious eats and sweet treats.

Your annual holiday party won’t be complete without a festive cookie or candy bar to keep things tasty. This will always be the part they look forward to the most!

a large plate of holiday cookies office christmas party ideas gift tags fitness or wellness activity themed party ugly sweater party movie night photo boothThe best way to get into the Christmas spirit

Plus, this idea is amazingly simple and easy to execute, even if you have a tight budget. Just buy some fancy glass containers at a discount store or the Dollar Tree, and then get candy, cookies, and cakes in bulk.

Finish off your spread with plenty of colored frostings and sprinkles, and you’ll be all ready to go!

(Don’t forget things like tongs, scoops, and baggies.)

Elaborate on it by adding a warm beverage bar

What makes cookies and cakes better? Matching them with a warm drink, worthy of your annual Christmas party!

Offer the basics like coffee and tea, and don’t forget the seasonal favorites like hot cocoa and apple cider. Add some things to spice it all up, like cinnamon, pumpkin spice syrups, and candy canes.

#6. Bring in everyone’s furry friends for a pet holiday party

Most company holiday parties welcome the families of employees, but what about their furry friends?

Be sure to consider having a separate party for cats and dogs. You don’t need any feisty fights!

Bring in plenty of snacks and treats that are pet-friendly, and encourage your employees to bring a pet costume or two.

Even if you don’t want to make a big deal of it, it might be enough to simply invite your employees’ best friends to the show as well.

How to host a corporate event during the holiday season

No company is complete without a designated annual event that draws intrigue and attention. Plenty of your employees are likely looking forward to this day to spend some time out of the office with their favorite coworkers in a fun and festive environment!

However, not all annual holiday parties are created equally. You need to be able to identify the characteristics that make your team who they are and then capitalize upon them!

three girls laughing as they open presents break room all the fun ice cream sundae bar escape rooms christmas party theme team building healthy snacks festive games

Take it from a professional event host

I’ve hosted countless corporate events, which have included plenty of colorful and warmhearted corporate holiday parties. In my years as an emcee (over twenty years, in fact), I’ve been able to identify a few key characteristics that all the best corporate Christmas party ideas have in common.

Let me break it down for you with the acronym PARTY: P – Plan out your menu, A – Accommodate everyone, R – Relax, and let your hair down, T – Take time to find the perfect entertainment, and Y – You should be generous.

P – Plan out your menu

One of the best parts of an office holiday party is the food. In fact, that’s one of the best parts of the holidays in general!

So, if you want to avoid disappointing your party guests and employees, take time beforehand (and make sure it’s plenty of time) to plan out your menu. Figure out what kind of food and beverages you want to provide, then find the best places to get it all from.

Feel free to get creative with your menu

Most of the time, you’ll be best off with catering your food from a local restaurant.

But you can also take it in any number of directions – if you live in a warmer climate, maybe you could bring in some food trucks! Or, if you are hosting a low-key holiday work party, you can try a potluck where people bring dishes from.

a group of people eating a holiday meal gingerbread houses reindeer games buffet table corporate culture scavenger hunts stocking stuffers staff members corporate holiday party corporate holiday partyA – Accommodate everyone

If you really want to get into the holiday spirit at your upcoming party, you can’t leave anyone out. Each and every employee deserves to feel welcomed and wanted – that’s how you’ll truly cultivate an atmosphere of appreciation and camaraderie!

To do this, you need to be sure to accommodate everyone. This can look like many different things.

For example, if someone is allergic to peanut butter, be sure to skip the peanut brittle this year.

Just be sure to do things that will only contribute to the team as a whole!

R – Relax, and let your hair down

Now is not the time to be worried about the upcoming sales meeting. You shouldn’t be burdening your team members with work talk – now is the time they have been waiting for to finally let loose!

Bonding with your workers outside of the office is essential for improving morale, boosting employee engagement, and promoting productivity. Plus, helping your workers become more comfortable with each other is key to encouraging teamwork and collaboration year-round.

So, use this time at your upcoming company holiday party to show your employees that you value positive workplace relationships by letting them mingle and jingle!

T – Take time to find the perfect entertainment

There are a few things that every good party needs. But the foundation of it all is amazing entertainment that keeps people engaged and feeling good from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they take their party favors home.

Whether you want to book a live band and set up a dance floor or call in a professional corporate emcee to guide the festivities, it’s important to find entertainment that can really speak to your team.

wine at a work event planning holiday stress wrapping paper ugly sweater competition santa hats escape rooms team building escape room gingerbread house christmas party christmas partyThe foundation for any and all holiday parties

Regardless of the type of party you decide to host, you can never go wrong with a Master of Ceremonies. In fact, no holiday party is complete without one.

A great event speaker will be instrumental in ensuring the event stays on track while keeping the crowd laughing!

Y – You should be generous

Everyone knows that the holiday season is a time for giving and cheer. So, give in to that feeling!

Be generous with anything from the serving sizes of the food to the time off you give your employees to spend Christmas with their families. Your employees will remember all of your selflessness, and your generosity will help create a positive atmosphere at your holiday party!

Wrapping up

Putting together a killer company holiday party is a must for each and every year. Your employees deserve to look forward to an evening of festive fun and cheer!

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