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In the corporate world, there are many types of corporate events that you can host. Aftcer all, not all corporate events need to look like stiff suits and dull boardrooms. Instead, the right type of corporate event will utilize humor and entertainment to inspire creativity, boost morale, and ignite motivation!

Key Takeaways

  1. CConferences
  2. OOffice parties
  3. RRetreats
  4. PProduct launch events
  5. OOrganization galas
  6. RRecognition events
  7. AAnnual meetings
  8. TTrade shows
  9. EEmployee training

Regardless of what type of event you end up hosting, the foundation of it all will be a great corporate emcee. You simply can’t expect to put together a killer event without one.

Below, I’ll share the 9 most common types of corporate events that exist out there, and I’ll detail why you need someone like me at the helm of each one!

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#1. Conferences

Whether you’re an event planner or just a member of an organization, you likely have your hands full if you’re looking to host an event.

The thing about event planning is that it often looks easy on the outside. Guests get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and indulge in some great entertainment, often oblivious to the painstaking effort that it took to put it all together!

If one of your primary event objectives is to engage with customers or employees in your company, you’re likely looking to host a corporate event.

What Are Corporate Events?

Corporate events are typically sponsored by a company and seek to prioritize their employees or customers. Though the specific objectives of a corporate event can oftentimes vary, the most common goals are:

  • To motivate and recognize employees
  • To educate employees or share information with them
  • To celebrate company milestones or mark a significant organizational change
  • To encourage collaboration and networking among the employees

Though the term corporate event may sound specific enough to some, there are actually a few different types of corporate events that you need to be aware of.

Using the acronym “CORPORATE,” I’ll share with you the nine most prevalent types of corporate events. Follow along!

Team building events types of corporate events team building events same industry next corporate event board meetings industry leaders holiday parties holiday parties corporate event planners board members networking eventsThe Most Popular Type Of Corporate Event

If someone mentions a corporate event, they’re probably talking about a conference.

Conferences are large gatherings of professionals in a specific industry. The primary objective of a conference is often to connect target audiences and provide them with relevant and useful information.

Conferences typically last upward of a full day and can be hosted at conference centers, larger venues, or hotels.

However, no conference is complete without a keynote speaker or an emcee. This is the backbone of the entire operation.

Emcees are used at conferences to introduce speakers, manage the schedule, and engage the audience. They establish the foundation of the entire event and ensure smooth transitions throughout the show.

#2. Office Parties

If you’re looking to celebrate company milestones or other important organizational events, it’s time to throw an office party!

Office parties are typically large events that incorporate plenty of fun activities, food and drink, and entertainment to keep the good vibes flowing.

Even if your office party isn’t a grand affair, you can still throw one for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, or holidays. After all, there’s always a reason to have a party!

An emcee is necessary to create a festive atmosphere, lead games or activities, and maintain a lively and entertaining ambiance. Without a great master of ceremonies, the evening is sure to fall apart!

Fun corporate event corporate team building events event space trade shows event planners corporate dinners target audience holiday party product launches holiday party large scale events many corporate events shareholder meetings#3. Retreats

Executive retreats and incentive trips are often used in order to promote business development and team-building. Company retreats are successful ways for employees to step back from their daily office lives and gain a new perspective on the world around them.

Retreats are great ways for employees to develop deeper bonds and grow professional relationships. A change of scenery can do wonders for morale and motivation, helping workers feel a bit more energized when they return to the office.

If you want to effectively facilitate icebreakers, guide discussions, and maintain focus, you need an emcee at your retreat. That way, you can truly foster a cohesive and productive environment for your team.

#4. Product Launch Events

If you’re showcasing your new product to the market, you’ll likely be hosting a product launch event.

Companies often throw product launches in order to build buzz and hype around their product. That way, they can more effectively market the item.

Even if the product is virtual, such as software or a website, the product launch can happen online.

And if you’re planning to throw a virtual event, an emcee (whether they be in-person, hybrid, or online) will be able to effectively build excitement, highlight the key features of the product, and even showcase the company’s unique message.

Planning process common corporate events corporate world business conference charity events company employees milestone events other industry professionals same company event spaces business strategy boost employee confidence corporate dinner corporate retreats relevant informationBonus: How To Introduce Yourself As Emcee

#5. Organization Galas

Charity events, actions, or formal dinners usually happen at galas. Galas are great ways for companies to give back to the community or bring attention to a particular issue.

Though galas are often regal and formal events, they can also be a more laid-back function purely aimed at meeting goals and objectives.

To truly connect your company to the gala and mission, you’ll need an emcee. Emcees know how to bolster your organization’s reputation and ensure the gala ends in success!

#6. Recognition Events

Your employees deserve to be recognized for their hard work. And that’s why throwing a recognition event is perfect for boosting employee morale, igniting motivation, and stimulating engagement.

Recognition events acknowledge and reward employees or partners for their achievements. That way, your team knows that you truly care about them.

An emcee plays a vital role in honoring recipients, delivering speeches, and maintaining an engaging atmosphere while enhancing the celebration’s significance.

#7. Annual Meetings

Whether it’s a board meeting or another type of regular event, annual meetings are great ways to bring together key company players like stakeholders, shareholders, and executives.

At annual meetings, attendees often will discuss the performance, goals, and future of the company.

With an emcee, you’ll be able to guide the meeting’s agenda, manage time, and facilitate Q&A sessions in a professional and effective manner.

Attend trade shows potential clients relationship management incentive programs businesses interact team media coverage team building retreats motivate employees executive retreat ceelebrity guests booth space next event breakout sessions feature speakers#8. Trade Shows

Companies looking to showcase their products or services will often host a trade show. Trade show exhibitions offer a fantastic opportunity for companies to connect with their potential customers by solidifying themselves in the industry.

An emcee is valuable when drawing attention to booths and successfully introducing exhibitors. Plus, they’ll be key to creating a lively atmosphere, attracting visitors, and maximizing brand exposure.

#9. Employee Training

All companies should prioritize things like new hire onboarding and employee training. And by hosting an employee training event, companies can ensure their team starts off on the right foot!

Employee training events focus on enhancing skills and knowledge within an organization. And an emcee can help establish the training agenda, motivate the team, and promote a positive learning environment.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to host a corporate event, it’s important to know what type of event you’re planning to put together. With these nine types in mind, you’re on your way to hosting a killer event!

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