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Often, the workplace can be a disheartening source of stress for many employees. However, planning the perfect corporate outing will help you reinvigorate, motivate, and inspire your team for good!

Key Takeaways

  1. OOutdoor sports day
  2. UUltimate beach party
  3. TTeam-building scavenger hunts
  4. IInteractive workshops
  5. NNature retreat
  6. GGo to a game

With summer in full swing, there’s no reason not to treat your team to a well-deserved day away from the desk. And with the right emcee running the show, your employees can finally let their hair down and bask in the warm glow of camaraderie.

Keep reading, and I’ll share six ideas for the perfect summer OUTING!

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#1. Outdoor Sports Day

The sun is shining, and that means it’s time to host a summer outing for your team!

Corporate events are a great way to create a positive company culture, give your employees purpose, and create an unforgettable experience for your team. By allowing your workers to mingle and hang out outside of the office, you’re helping create a workplace that values its people.

How Do You Plan A Summer Outing?

Putting together the perfect summer outing is all about planning. You can’t throw together some wishy-washy event and expect to have stunning results!

There are a few things that any outing needs to be successful. And, for starters, you need a corporate emcee to guide the show.

An emcee can keep the crowd entertained, manage transitions and announcements, and advocate for your company. As a corporate emcee, I’ve quickly noticed that company events with a speaker at the helm always seem to run smoothly and seamlessly.

Planning the perfect outing also comes down to properly decorating your venue, setting a budget, and establishing objectives. Though each event is unique in its own way, you can’t forget about the basics.

A Classic Summer Outing Idea

people wearing purple at an outdoor sports day hot day outdoor space team member company summer event fresh airCreating the best corporate outing is all about taking advantage of what’s around you. And now that the weather is finally on your side, the possibilities for fun events are seemingly endless.

So, let’s start with the most timeless idea for a business outing.

An outdoor sports day is the best way to get your team together, build rapport, and entertain the crowd. Not only will it play into harbored nostalgia, but it will also ensure the day ends with fantastic fun!

birds eye view of an outdoor event field games adrenaline pumping ideas community park city park city complete events eventHosting A Fun Field Day

A field day is all about genuine fun, teamwork, and camaraderie. Everyone will be on board enjoying some sunshine-filled activities with each other!

Feel free to include games like the egg-and-spoon race, ring toss, sack race, and other events like badminton or disc golf. Remember to tie everything together with refreshing beverages and a tasty BBQ.

The Key To A Successful Event

If you truly want your team to have a great time, you can’t forget to book a corporate emcee.

This person will be able to guide the festivities, facilitate discussions and activities, and ensure the atmosphere remains comfortable and encouraging. You truly can’t diminish the importance of hosting an event with an emcee!

#2. Ultimate Beach Party

people at a formal beach event corporate party on the beach summer team building activities summer event summer company event random acts food trucks different teams cook offNothing screams “fun summer outing” like a trip to the beach.

If your team happens to be lucky enough to live by some friendly shores, try hosting a beach party! Whether that means heading to the ocean or taking a trip to a local lake, this outing idea is a great way to get your team outdoors and hanging out.

The Ideal Summer Event

To pull this off, all you need to do is rent an area at the beach or a nearby beach house and plan a day of exciting activities.

Great examples of beach day games include volleyball, kite flying, and tug of war. But feel free to include any activities you feel that your team will enjoy!

Remember to set a casual (but not too casual) dress code.

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#3. Team-Building Scavenger Hunt

people doing a scavenger hunt company party problem solving skills team building activity summer event fun summer drinks groupThere’s nothing as powerful as teambuilding activities. Most companies might underestimate the power of building trust amongst your team, but it can help increase collaboration, encourage communication, and foster positive relationships in the workplace.

Summer Team Building Activities

The best way to promote friendly competition and fun is by hosting a team scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are perfect for getting your team together and spreading good feelings outside the regular office space.

You can host a scavenger hunt at local parks, the beach, or even an event venue. Be sure to get creative with the items you list!

#4. Interactive Workshops

office workers sitting in a circle for a meeting interactive workshops company party event teams group events event food events event food eventsSometimes, the best outings help your team focus on learning and growing as individuals. That’s why you can’t ever go wrong with hosting any type of interactive workshop.

For the more professional crowd, you can create an event that focuses on things like sales and marketing, networking, or other training workshops.

But since it is summer, you can still get a little creative. Feel free to host workshops for gardening, arts and crafts, or even yoga!

#5. Nature Retreat

friends high fiving outside playing games nature retreat for summer outing lawn games ice cream food and drinksRetreats are perfect for encouraging your team to reflect and practice mindfulness. By getting out of the office and focusing on something else, your employees will be able to grow as people and professionals.

When picking the perfect venue, there’s no better place than the arms of Mother Nature. Spending time outdoors has its own great benefits, but hosting a nature retreat brings them all to the next level.

#6. Go To A Game

group of people posing for a photo at a baseball game corporate summer outing to a baseball game summer outings summer outings summer outings teams event city groupTaking your team to a sports game can help ignite feelings of teamwork and camaraderie. Plus, it’s a simple yet enjoyable way to spend time outside the office with team members!

Wrapping Up

Hosting an outdoor summer outing for your team is a fun way to encourage teamwork and build connections with your team. No one can resist spending some time in the sunshine!

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