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Spring is the perfect time to host that fundraising event you’ve been dying to put on. And now that the weather has warmed up, there’s nothing to hold you back!

Key Takeaways

  1. S – Spring cleaning sale
  2. P – Plant sale
  3. R – Running or walking event
  4. I – International food festival
  5. N – Neighborhood cleanup
  6. G – Gardening workshop

Here are six ideas for fundraising events as we enter the SPRING season.

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#1. Spring Cleaning Sale

The spring season is all about rejuvenation and breaking out your warm-weather attire. After spending so long indoors beating the winter cold, it’s time to enjoy some sunny-weather outings!

Spring can mark the beginning of many things. And it’s also one of the best times of the year to host a fundraising event.

Especially if you work for a nonprofit, you’ve likely attended one or more fundraisers. They’re great ways for people to raise money for important causes and help support those in the world that need it the most.

It’s a brave and heartwarming act, but hosting a fundraiser can be more complex than you first realize!

What It Takes To Host A Spring Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser can look like many things. As a corporate emcee, I’ve attended and entertained at my fair share of events and noticed something special and intriguing about fundraisers.

From extravagant galas to intimate gatherings, people frequently search for the perfect way to raise money for their cause. And often, the methods they choose depend on things like the weather.

So, when spring rolls around, plenty of nonprofits roll up their sleeves and decide to start planning the ideal springtime fundraising event.

Putting Creativity At The Forefront

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a fundraiser or a corporate event is coming up with ideas for how the function should go.

Regardless, the creative side of planning an event is one of the most important aspects. It’s such an essential part because it will virtually determine your event’s success.

Of course, success can come down to many things, but attendees and sponsors are often drawn to creative, intriguing, and unique functions.

Luckily, with enough brainstorming and creative planning, you can host an extraordinary and energizing event!

Spring fundraising ideas peer to peer fundraising pages spring fundraising ideas spring fundraising ideasA Classic Twist On A Spring Fundraiser

When it comes to organizing your spring fundraiser, it’s important to uncover the perfect vision. It should embody the spring season while providing attendees with an enjoyable experience.

So, let’s start with the basics.

Everyone knows that this particular season calls for some in-depth cleaning. It’s common for people to spend their first few days of springtime cleaning and scrubbing their house from top to bottom.

And in the midst of our hectic tidying and scouring, we often come up with plenty of items that we have no more need for. Decluttering is an essential part of the spring cleaning process, after all.

But rather than donating and tossing forgotten or meaningless items, you can use them to host a spring cleaning fundraiser. Your event supporters can bring items or things that they no longer need and sell them at your event to promote your cause.

It’s an amazing way to generate some funds while promoting sustainability and reducing waste!

Encourage the fundraiser supporters to declutter their homes, then take inventory of their items. Things can be sold at in-person events or even online. Items like clothes, home decor, or furniture would be perfect for this type of event.

#2. Plant Sale

Spring fundraiser local park easter egg hunt spring fundraisers spring fundraiser spring fundraisersThe grass is turning green, flowers are blooming, and trees are recreating their apparel. Springtime is all about the reawakening of Mother Nature and that’s perhaps the most enjoyable part of this peaceful and serene season.

So, take advantage of nature’s perfection at your upcoming fundraiser. Incorporate greenery into your event by selling plants!

Organize a sale with blossoming flowers, delicious vegetables, and enticing herbs for your cause. Gather plenty of seeds, pots, and soil, then set up your table in a place with plenty of foot traffic.

Don’t forget to price your plants reasonably, and let everyone know that all proceeds will go to your cause!

After all, no one can resist gorgeous plants now that we’re in spring. After suffering through the winter months with not a flower or green leaf in sight, seeing sprouting seeds all around us is such a heavenly sight.

You can even make it a recurring event. Each weekend, plan to set up your plant table at the same place at the same time. You will likely get repeat customers and others that come via word-of-mouth.

Many flowers and plants bloom at different times of the year. So as we enter the summer season, it would perhaps be worthwhile to organize more plant sales with different types of blooms!

#3. Running Or Walking Event

Mother's day mother's day pick up pick up pick up community garden raise money raise fundsNow that we are blessed with warmer weather, it’s time for perhaps the most timeless fundraising event there is.

A running/walking event!

People often host 5k races to encourage people to support a nonprofit cause while improving their own health. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

How To Host Your Own 5k

Don’t be intimidated. Organizing a 5k race is easier than it looks.

Start by picking the location and the route for the race. Choose a site that is near your supporters and their homes.

However, don’t forget to also take into consideration the scenery. It would be enjoyable to organize your race in a green, gorgeous, and lush place.

But be sure that the terrain isn’t too steep. More participants are likely to join if they know that the route is relatively flat and would be enjoyable to run on.

It’s also a good idea to walk the route beforehand to ensure it’s in an ideal location.

After obtaining the necessary permits, it’s time to start marketing your upcoming 5k race. Post flyers and promote them on social media.

When it comes time to host your event, be sure to set up in advance. Include things like hydration stations and portable bathrooms. Don’t forget to recruit plenty of volunteers to ensure it runs smoothly!

You’ll earn money for your cause by charging participants a registration fee. And don’t forget to ask local businesses and members of the community for sponsorships or donations as well.

There’s nothing more enlightening and enticing than a running event that encourages people to support charity while enjoying the gorgeous spring weather!

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#4. International Food Festival

Entry fee easter egg hunt online fundraising sell tickets earth day fundraising ideas recruit volunteersNo one can resist mouth-watering meals. And everyone can get on board with a fundraiser that utilizes food for a good cause!

A great way to fundraise in the spring is by hosting an international food festival. All you need to do is charge a fee for participation at the door and then let participants enjoy plenty of delicious and appetizing dishes inspired from around the world.

You can either encourage supporters to make food at home and bring it prepared, or you can sell dishes from volunteers or local vendors. The great thing about this spring fundraising idea is that it’s able to be adjusted for your unique event.

Keep in mind that you can modify it however you’d like. You can either organize the event to host a variety of food, or you can instead have the theme focus on a particular area of the world. The possibilities are endless!

#5. Neighborhood Cleanup

Partner with a local tea party local restaurants garage sale spring fundraisers spring fundraiser spring fundraiserAs I said, spring is all about cleaning. After brushing off that frigid layer of snow, our world is ready to be re-energized!

A neighborhood cleanup is a fantastic way to promote a great cause while doing something good for your community. Encourage volunteers to show up and then work together to collect debris and trash from the streets and other public areas.

You can either make it a point to target a rather desecrated part of town, or you can focus your efforts on a local neighborhood spot.

Ask for donations from local businesses and community members to support your fundraiser. Let them know that your team of volunteers can work on cleaning around their shop or business if they would like!

#6. Gardening Workshop

Most money garage sale family members flower bulbs local florist fundraising goal raffle tickets march madness gardening class memorial day pick up pick up silent auction garage saleGardening is a great hobby that provides many benefits. It can help ease stress and encourage relaxation while filling your home and yard with a bit more personality and beauty.

Gardening is a hobby that many of us would enjoy if only we could find a way to get started. But it can be challenging to find the courage to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty (pun intended). 

After all, plants can be confusing to care for. Some require a waterfall just to stay alive, while others would simply wither up and die if they were exposed to too much water.

So, how can you get started in gardening if you don’t know where to begin?

A gardening workshop is the perfect way to get your feet wet when it comes to caring for plants. And it’s also a great idea for hosting your upcoming fundraiser!

An Enjoyable Springtime Fundraiser

A gardening workshop or class is ideal for during the springtime. All you need to do is charge a fee for participants and then let them take home some gardening knowledge and a plant or two!

You can host your gardening fundraiser at a garden center or a local garden. Bring along a gardening professional, and set aside two to three hours for participants to learn the basics of proper gardening.

Wrapping Up

Spring is perhaps one of the most enjoyable seasons. It marks the end of the cold weather and the beginning of sunny days and outdoor adventures!

If you have a fundraiser coming up, it’s a great idea to mix the two. After all, everyone can get on board with an enlightening spring fundraiser. Just find an idea that entices you, and roll with it!

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