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How To Emcee A MeetingIdeasPost

How To Emcee A Meeting

You might think that a professional emcee only does public events. Like the kinds with a raffle or a ferris wheel if you want to get really fancy. But emcee work can range across disciplines.…
Adam Christing
March 30, 2022
How To Host An EventCorporate MCPost

How To Host An Event

Hosting events is not for the faint of heart. Some might even liken it to an Olympic sport given that there's so many moving parts. But if you're the person who's been tasked with hosting…
Adam Christing
March 23, 2022
What Is An EmceeCorporate MCPost

What Is An Emcee?

Emceeing is nothing new to me. In fact, in my 25 years of experience emceeing has taught me quite a lot. Some people think of the hip hop world world when they hear the term…
Adam Christing
March 21, 2022