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It’s officially summer! And right now, there’s no better time for you to throw a killer outdoor corporate event for your employees.

Key Takeaways

  1. O – Outdoor sports games
  2. U – Unwind with some gardening
  3. T – Team-building treasure hunt
  4. S – Sunny summer barbecue
  5. I – Incorporate some live music
  6. D – Dazzling light display
  7. E – Experience an old-fashioned ice cream social

With the weather warm and the sun shining in, your employees deserve to spend some quality time with Mother Nature. Plus, hosting the perfect outdoor event can act like a breath of fresh air ready to reawaken and reinvigorate the office.

So long as you have some great ideas up your sleeve, your outdoor corporate event is sure to be a hit. Keep reading, and I’ll share 7 of my favorite ideas for corporate events to get your employees under the sun!

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#1. Outdoor Sports Games

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to take advantage of those warm-weather feelings at your next corporate event. Everyone can get on board with spending a day in the sun!

Spending some quality time outdoors is not only good for your health, but it can also reawaken past childhood memories. After all, nothing says nostalgia like enjoyable outdoor antics and adventures.

So, now that it’s officially summertime, it’s the perfect time to host an outdoor event. Your team is sure to love it.

However, you can’t just wing it and expect your team to feel reinvigorated on their own. You need to plan for success.

How Do You Make A Corporate Event Special?

If you want to host a successful outdoor event, you need to make it special.

However, that’s harder than it seems. There’s no one right way to make an event unique and meaningful.

But the best way to do so is by hosting a personalized and engaging experience for your event attendees. You shouldn’t use a one-size-fits-all type of event plan and shouldn’t put together something that will leave people yawning.

The Foundation Of Success

The key is to have a corporate speaker at your event to ensure everything runs smoothly and people stay entertained. As a corporate emcee, I’ve hosted my fair share of events and noticed how the right speaker can truly transform any event.

With a corporate emcee, you can effortlessly create a festive, fun, and comfortable environment for your event, no matter what it might be.

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How Do You Plan A Successful Outdoor Event?

Even if you have the perfect event vision, without proper planning, it’ll likely all be for nothing.

Planning and organization are the cornerstones of a successful event. Through this methodical process, you’ll be able to map out your vision and effectively bring it to life!

The most important step when planning anything is knowing what you want. It’s hard to fashion an event on paper if you aren’t totally sure what the end result will be.

That’s why having a vision and inspiration is so important!

The enticing promise of delicious picnics, festive BBQs, and warm-weather sports is enough to excite your team. But here are my favorite ideas for outdoor corporate events by far. 

Keep reading!

An Age-Old Classic

If you want to get your team outside and in the sunlight, a corporate event truly is the way to go. By hosting some outside sports games, you’ll be able to create a day worth remembering.

A field day is perfect for getting everyone together for some in the sun. Field games are not only nostalgic but also great for team building.

It’s easy to customize this type of event to your team’s liking. Plus, you can include any games you might deem worthwhile, from the egg toss to the three-legged race.

Best of all, don’t forget to provide plenty of food and drink. I know I work up an appetite when I’m active, and I’m sure your team will too!

#2. Unwind With Gardening

Outdoor venue event planner event planner outdoor events outdoor space local park dance party local artists pool party scavenger hunt outdoor concert parking lot open space friendly competitionIf you want to host an outdoor event, you can’t go wrong with gardening. This is a relaxing and laid-back way for your team to truly unwind and reconnect while spending time with Mother Nature.

You can even add some gardening activities to your already-planned corporate event. All you need is to set up a gardening table with things like potting soil, pots, and seeds or small plants.

If you want to make it a bit more enticing, you can also bring some paint and brushes and let your team decorate their plant pots. Those will make either perfect gifts or a gorgeous new addition to their home!

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#3. Team-Building Treasure Hunt

Outdoor corporate events are all about sunshine, good vibes, and team-building. Now is the perfect time for you to prioritize things like teamwork and collaboration.

It’s easier for people to get along when the sun is shining!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Team-Building Fun

Hosting a corporate event outdoors and including some fun team-building exercises is a great way to start the summer. The right activities will help promote high morale and positive interactions.

Feel free to indulge in activities like baseball games, rock wall climbing, or relay races.

#4. Sunny Summer Barbecue

Free advertising outdoor activities outdoor activity small groups new friends hot dogs winning team perfect venue great outdoors safe environment enough space provide guests perfect location surefire wayWhen it comes to outdoor events, nothing sounds better than a good old-fashioned barbecue. No one can resist some delicious grub in the summer sun!

By introducing some tasty eats into the mix, you can effortlessly pique your guest’s interest. You can either host a laid-back get-together or spice things up into a total rager.

Plus, you can make this type of get-together a reoccurring shindig. Time for your first annual summer company barbecue!

#5. Incorporate Some Live Music

An outdoor event won’t be fully complete without the right entertainment. And the best way to compliment your corporate emcee is by bringing in some live music.

The outdoors is the perfect setting for some feel-good tunes. You can feature a local musician or band and provide your team with some enjoyable and relaxing background music as they enjoy the day in the sun.

This is an especially good idea if you’re hosting a themed event. Music can help reinforce your theme in a classy and effortless way!

#6. Dazzling Light Display

Creating the perfect outdoor event is all about ambiance. You need to use your surroundings and space to fashion a unique atmosphere for your guests.

That’s where creating a sparkling display of lights will save the day. You don’t need to wait for the Fourth of July or Christmas to throw up some lights. Instead, you can do it now!

You can go for some white twinkle lights, colorful disco lights, or even candles. There’s no limit to the vibe you can create just by properly using lighting.

#7. Experience An Ice Cream Social

Teams teams teams food social distancing finish line start planning taking photos guest list party group team attendees friends attendees teams co workers fun fun fun host water bottles guests guests guestsIf you want to host a delightful event in the summer heat, you can never go wrong with an ice cream social.

They’re relaxing, and fun, and can help keep everyone cool when warm temperatures spike. Plus, there’s nothing more nostalgic than kicking back with some ice cream and your (work) buddies.

Wrapping Up

With the perfect corporate event, you can get your team outside and in the sunshine without even trying. Everyone on your team deserves to soak in a little vitamin D this summer!

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