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Goal setting is an essential part of corporate event planning. A clear objective is critical to your event’s success! And with a corporate emcee, you can rest assured knowing your event has a defined and achievable purpose.

Key Takeaways

  1. E – Engagement
  2. V – Visibility
  3. E – Entertainment
  4. N – Networking
  5. T – Time management

Without a clear objective, planning a corporate event can be overwhelmingly stressful. Don’t make that mistake!

Below, I’ll go over five major objectives of any corporate EVENT and let you know how a great emcee can make them a reality.

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#1. Engagement

Planning, hosting, or facilitating a corporate event is not a simple task. Oftentimes, it requires that many different people contribute countless hours toward making the event vision a reality. 

With so many moving parts to juggle, it can feel like an endless journey of coordination and communication. But the key to any successful event lies in the planning process.

Understanding The Event Planning Process

Planning an event is a long and complex journey that takes plenty of time and attention. Events can’t plan themselves, and they sure don’t happen overnight!

A good plan ensures your event happens the way you intend it to. It’ll keep stress levels low, help creativity flourish, and leave you with a better end result.

After all, you can’t approach corporate events with an “I’ll just wing it mentality.

The first step to planning any event is to determine your objective. This is essentially the same thing as the overall purpose of the function.

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Goals are an integral part of daily life for many reasons. From your personal life to your professional endeavors, goal setting can help you achieve your dreams.

And the same goes for your upcoming event. Establishing well-defined goals during the planning process will give you something to reach for. And when you understand your direction, it will make it easier to host a successful event.

For example, if you’re hosting a fundraiser, you may hope to bring in a certain dollar amount of donations. If you’re hosting a corporate event, you may be striving to increase attendance from a previous event.

Your event can (and should) have more than one goal. Your upcoming event will probably need to check off a few different boxes in order to be considered a success.

EVENT Objectives

There are certain goals that nearly all events have in common. And we can break it down with the acronym EVENT:

  • Engagement
  • Visibility
  • Entertainment
  • Networking
  • Time management

Though this list isn’t exhaustive, it contains the five primary goals for most corporate events. If you focus on these things, your event will surely succeed.

I’ll start at the top.

Increasing Audience Engagement

The vast majority of all events strive to have high levels of audience engagement. An engaged and lively audience means the attendees are emotionally and mentally invested in what the event is about.

If your event ends in lifeless faces and bored expressions, it was most likely a flop.

On the flip side, engaged attendees mean there were high levels of audience participation and plenty of lively discussions taking place. It’s important to keep in mind that your audience will largely determine the success of your event. 

But they’re not the only determining factor.

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Achieving Your Event’s Goals

Corporate emcees are experts in audience engagement. That’s why most events are hosted by a professional and experienced emcee.

In my acts, I use a unique combination of things from on-stage comedy to audience interaction to keep the people entertained. That way, one of your biggest corporate event objectives can be marked off effortlessly!

#2. Visibility

Though the audience is important, they’re not the only thing that matters.

Your event likely has a key message that needs highlighting or sponsors or partners in need of a shout-out. Depending on your event, things like this may be crucial for future events.

The emcee is the perfect person to handle this task. A corporate emcee will be able to successfully and seamlessly handle things like announcements to ensure any communication goes out as it should.

#3. Entertainment

All great events prioritize entertainment. It’s the best way to ensure your guests have a fantastic time.

When it comes to entertainment, there’s no one you should trust more than the emcee. That’s a big reason why they’re there in the first place!

Your attendees deserve to spend their time at a memorable and entertaining event. And as the event planner, it’s up to you to ensure they enjoy themselves.

But it’s not up to you to stand on stage and perform your heart out to keep the people laughing. The emcee should do that!

From humor to audience engagement, the emcee will incorporate exciting and entertaining elements into the event to ensure the attendees stay satisfied.

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#4. Networking

All attendees likely have their own objectives, namely being able to network at your event. Professional events such as company gatherings are the perfect opportunity for attendees to meet new people and grow their social web.

If you keep this in mind, it’ll help you plan a killer event. It’s important to remember the main reasons why your attendees want to show up to your event in the first place.

An emcee can help facilitate any networking opportunities. And they can make sure it happens at the right time while encouraging people to mingle and interact.

Most importantly, the emcee will be responsible for creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere where connections can thrive. In that way, they’ll help the attendees work on building their professional relationships.

#5. Time Management

One of the basic goals of any event is to stay on time. It may sound like a no-brainer at first, but it’s still an important part of event planning.

Effective time-keeping is essential for any event’s success.

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You likely have a set itinerary that needs to be followed with activities that are planned for specific time slots. However, in order for everything to run smoothly, everything needs to happen on time.

Your chosen emcee will play a crucial role in keeping the event on schedule. The emcee will ensure things like sessions, presentations, and activities occur when they should. Plus, they’ll make sure the event ends neither behind nor ahead of time.

Wrapping Up

Planning an event can feel incredibly daunting and overwhelming at times. Some days, you may feel like you have a million things to take care of and not enough time. 

That’s why booking an emcee is so critical in both preserving your own sanity and ensuring the event is a success!

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Adam Christing has been called “The Tom Brady of emcees.” He has hosted more than 1,000 company meetingsspecial eventsgala celebrations, and more. He is the author of several books and founder of For more event tips, follow Adam Christing on InstagramFacebookPinterestLinkedIn, and YouTube.