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Not all meetings need to be dull and lifeless. The best way to get your team excited is to add an interactive element.

Top Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Meeting

  1. Music is a must!
  2. Escape rooms can be a big hit
  3. Eat something delicious your team will love!
  4. Throw on a movie
  5. Incorporate new realities through VR or AR
  6. Never enough photos
  7. Gamification for a fun spin

Here are seven of my favorite interactive U ideas to get everyone’s heart racing!

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#1. Music Is A Must

The symbol of any drab meeting is silence. You know, the kind that makes you think, “this could have been sent in an email…” So let’s avoid that at all costs.

A simple remedy to dreaded silence is music! Music can turn the entire atmosphere around from the most mundane meeting to a corporate event.

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Crank It Up!

If you have a small group meeting or a tiny budget, you only need a speaker and someone with a playlist. But for a more extensive meeting, live entertainment should be your go-to.

In fact, hiring a live band is a great way to spice up any meeting and add a unique interactive element. Cover bands are one of the best options, allowing your team to enjoy their favorite music in a live setting.

You can also go for virtual live music with a band that takes song requests. Again, this is great for a remote team and perfect for giving your employees a chance to let their hair down!

#2. Escape Rooms

Your employees deserve only the best for their meetings, and escape rooms are incredibly trendy right now.

Escape rooms are entertaining and intriguing, leaving your employees with an unforgettable experience. This immersive way of storytelling is about more than fun and adventure. It’s the perfect team-building exercise!

#3. Eat Something Delicious

Everyone can get on board with food. So, for your next event or conference, incorporating some delicious cuisine is the perfect way to spice it up.

You can either cater your team’s favorite dishes or challenge everyone to a cook-off. May the best chef win!

Showcase visit dance matter conference space video destination excitement room play talking access host break group budget events guests create host guests audience party deliver theme entertainers entertainer meeting entertainment#4. Toss In A Movie

Want to add some classic entertainment to your meeting? A movie can be just the thing you’re looking for.

You don’t need to go over the top to treat your employees to a memorable experience and a good time. The best way to entice them and get them to interact with each other is through genuine entertainment.

And movies are some of the most entertaining things out there!

End your meeting with a movie of your team’s choice (don’t forget to hold votes beforehand), and don’t forget the popcorn and snacks. Relaxation and comfort are key to helping your employees open up and interact with one another.

#5. Incorporate AR or VR

Is your team a bit more futuristic? Incorporating AR or VR into various companies has become more and more common. So use that to your advantage at your next event!

Using either AR (augmented reality) or VR (virtual reality) can put an impressive new spin on your company’s daily grind. The possibilities are quite endless!

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#6. Never Go Wrong With A Photo Booth

There must be a great way to save the memories for a great meeting. Whether it’s a large corporate event or a simple weekly agenda meeting, your team deserves the ability to remember it fondly.

Setting up a photo booth is an excellent idea if you want to give your team endless entertainment while helping them remember the event. Plus, it’s easy to simultaneously make your team’s photo booth valuable and unique.

Creating A Unique Booth

For example, you can set up a headshot booth where employees can get professional headshots taken on the spot (we all know at least one individual that needs a new headshot ASAP.) Or, make it fun and add some silly props!

But the photos don’t need to end there. You can also initiate a photo challenge and see which team members can capture pictures of all the objectives first (either in-person or virtually!)

#7. Gamification Can Change The Game

Not all meetings need to be black-and-white conference-room talks. They can be about much more than that. And the key to it is something known as gamification.

Gamification refers to the practice of incorporating games into events or conferences to increase employee engagement and involvement.

Everyone knows that a speaker talking at an audience is exceptionally inefficient. But creating an atmosphere of interactive thinking is perfect for creating a conversation between each party.

That’s what gamification does. And there are many ways to incorporate games and creativity at your next event or meeting!

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Games For Great Meeting Entertainment

Here are a couple of great examples to get you started.

  • Trivia is ideal for testing everyone’s knowledge while adding friendly competition. It’s fun and interactive while still being educational.
  • Scavenger hunts let participants use creative thinking and problem-solving to find physical items at an event. Not all games need to be at a desk!
  • Bingo isn’t just for your Grandma anymore. It’s a classic game perfect for getting people chatting, playing, and engaging.

Gamification can go any way you want it to. However, taking it in a direction unique to your team while helping you reach your end goal is essential.

Plus, it’s easy to involve games in either in-person events or virtual events. The sky is the limit!

Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect meeting entertainment doesn’t need to be a challenge. As an experienced corporate emcee, I know what works and what doesn’t. So, take my tips, and watch how your team thrives at your next event!

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