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Work with a Master of Ceremonies for your next event. Here’s how you can identify a host who personifies the word “MASTER” in Master of Ceremonies.

In this article, you will discover the six key components of fantastic corporate, educational, sales, and non-profit occasion master of ceremonies.


Your Master of Ceremonies acts as the face of your formal event affairs. They represent you.

When you hire a speaker, you should be looking for a person who is a masterful Master of Ceremonies who can model the heart and flair of your company.

Your Master of Ceremonies will be representing your organization

A good Master of Ceremonies is not an “add-on” to your next event, conference, wedding, or meeting. Your Master of Ceremonies should feel like an extension of you in style and written speech.

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Here are three ways an official host will keep your audience engaged:

  1. An awesome Master of Ceremonies will learn the language and style of your team.
    A smart Master of Ceremonies incorporates this inside language into his MC remarks as he makes announcements. This way, he can be prepared to speak in front of your guests in a manner that feels congruent with your corporate culture.
  2. A superb master of ceremonies will involve guests.
    The days of a passive audience listening to a lecture are gone. Your ceremonies master should be skilled at interacting with a crowd in a relaxed yet energetic way.
  3. An experienced Master of Ceremonies will put the spotlight on key people in your group.
    The right MC will have a keen sense of “relationship radar” when it comes to knowing and highlighting the key leaders, partners, vendors, donors, VIPs, and customers in your audience.

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In my own work as a Master of Ceremonies, I know it’s not about me. I see myself as a “mission realization” Master of Ceremonies. I want to help an organization—and the organizer!—fulfill the mission of the night’s affairs.

When I front a gathering as a Master of Ceremonies, I follow these 10 steps to make the evening stay on task …

A super Master of Ceremonies will advance your agenda by:

#1: LEARNING about your organization

#2: DOING RESEARCH about your group

#3: Having PRE-FUNCTION PHONE CALLS with you

#4. DISCOVERING the big event takeaway(s)

#5. AVOIDING distractions, controversies, inappropriate language, and other “downers”

#6. KEEPING everything ON TIME

#7. REINFORCING the THEME of your event

#8. ACCENTUATING the positives about your company

#9. LEADING the audience toward your company’s objectives

#10. ENDING the program in a thoughtful manner


This is a key responsibility for your Master of Ceremonies. A good ceremonies master should introduce the program and the other presenters in a great light.

But first, let’s talk about how a first-time amateur MC might mess this up.

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Mistakes bad Masters of Ceremonies make:

  • Introduce performers with too many words. Don’t confuse a bio with an intro!
  • Going for laughs as they introduce another person. A great Master of Ceremonies makes the upcoming speaker look important—not silly—before they come up to the platform.
  • Forgetting to give a good “outro.”
  • Forgetting about the next speaker’s sound/staging needs for the formal event. A polished Master of Ceremonies should always be thinking about the next key move.

Now, let’s look at some powerful ways a fantastic ceremonies master will help everyone at your event succeed!

Your ideal Master of Ceremonies introduces speakers by…master of ceremonies plays vital role venue entertainer wedding create responsible groom

  • Highlighting a few positive, credibility-boosting things about the speaker being introduced.
  • Recognizing the contributions your leaders are making.
  • Building enthusiasm in the attendees about who is coming up to speak.
  • Praising the other presenters and organizational leaders.
  • Looking for ways to verbally “call back” and honor the presenters at the end of the evening.


A magnificent speaker is a master of transitions.

For an excellent Master of Ceremonies, a good segue is a thing of beauty.

Questions to consider to keep the ceremony agenda flowing:

  1. How are we opening the show?
  2. Will someone introduce me, or will there be a V.O. (voice-over)?
  3. When can I give the guests a stretch break? Between speakers? Between sessions?
  4. Are we showing video clips during the event?
  5. What is the best way for me to set up this video and keep things moving?
  6. The wrap-up: What do I tell guests to do next (or where to go)?

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If you are a master of ceremonies for a meeting, here’s a tip for great transitions from previous speaker to next:

Your ceremonies master should keep the audience in mind at all times

Listen first. Then reflect back to the audience what they are feeling at a particular moment.

As the meeting organizer, the BIG secret to great transitions is simple but often neglected. Go over your working schedule (I call it a “run sheet”) with your MC prior to the meeting.


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The fifth ingredient of a marvelous master of ceremonies is his or her ability to inspire your guests to laugh, think, applaud, take action, appreciate, and feel glad they attended.

The right master of ceremonies at your ceremony is one who uses her head and lots of HEART:


A fine master of ceremonies knows how—and when!—to tell a good joke. Select a witty (but warm-hearted) Master of Ceremonies. Someone who will keep your patrons feeling great…with feel-good humor.


The best master of ceremonies for your community gathering is the one who will keep your attendees engaged. Your ceremonies master must know how to make patrons feel included and involved.


This one is tricky. You are looking for a Master of Ceremonies who exudes confidence for sure. Yet, you do not want an arrogant master of ceremonies.

Your Master of Ceremonies should bring a spirit of gratitude, enthusiasm, and energy to your event.


What good is a super-talented Master of Ceremonies at your gathering if she arrives late, won’t take your pre-function call, or cancels on you?! Masterful Masters of Ceremonies are consistently great.


If your MC can’t get on board with what your organization stands for, hire another ceremonies master. There’s no “I” in team!


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This last one is arguably the most important emcee tip of all.

Rapport rules.

Here’s another word for it: Likeability.

Your MC should connect with guests on a deep level

A Master of Ceremonies who bonds with people quickly is an invaluable asset at your event. And that’s why a splendid ceremonies master can help you turn your meeting into a masterpiece.

I hope the insights, tips, and suggestions in this blog have inspired you to partner with a wonderful Master of Ceremonies.

Now, go and create a magical meeting!

Adam Christing has been called “The Tom Brady of emcees.” He has hosted more than 1,000 company meetings, special events, gala celebrations, and more. He is the author of several books and founder of For more event tips, follow Adam Christing on InstagramFacebookPinterestLinkedIn, and YouTube.