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96% of employees believe that showing empathy in the workplace is a great way to improve and drive retention. Your team deserves to feel welcomed and at home in their office space, and this is done by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Key Takeawaysw

  1. WWelcomes everyone with humor and intrigue
  2. EEngages and interacts with the team
  3. LListens actively
  4. CCreates an inclusive atmosphere
  5. OOrganizes the agenda
  6. MMakes room for collaboration
  7. EEmphasizes team-building

To truly make your office space more welcoming, you need to do more than spruce up the coffee station and strategically place some fresh potted plants. Bringing in a corporate emcee is a great way to help boost creative thinking, promote collaborative teamwork, and establish a positive work environment.

Keep reading, and I’ll share seven ways that a corporate emcee can truly WELCOME your employees into the office!

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#1. Welcomes Everyone With Humor And Intrigue

It’s important to ensure your office conveys the right message. When people walk through those doors, they immediately get a feel for what your company is all about.

Whether you’re looking to make a mark on clients, receive new hires, or keep long-standing employees engaged, creating a welcoming office environment is essential for any company.

To create a truly inviting atmosphere, you need to do more than put up a few tacky posters. After all, the feel of the workplace can often play a big role in things like employee productivity, morale, and satisfaction.

You can’t take any shortcuts!

a group of employees talking natural lighting company values custom art enough room inviting office offices clutter desk art productivity create business windows warm offices furniture business plants create creative furnitureHow To Make An Office More Welcoming

It’s not uncommon for employees to spend more time in their office than at home. Even if your team works less than 40 hours per week, it’s important to ensure that the time they do spend in the office is warm and fulfilling.

If you want to start with the basics, you should ensure the physical layout and atmosphere of the office are up to par. There’s nothing more disheartening than drab and dull decor!

Focus On Making The Interior Homey

There are a few key ways to help ensure you can make your office space more inviting and comforting.

For starters, you should ensure that you incorporate color. A pop of bright color can help you break away from the lifeless feel of institutional gray walls.

Be sure to also explore the foundation of color psychology so that you can truly bring the place to life.

A great way to also give a hearty boost to everyone’s mood is by bringing Mother Nature indoors. Potted plants and other greenery can really spruce up your office and make it feel calmer and more therapeutic.

In fact, bringing nature into the workplace can have some profound effects on the mind and mental well-being of your employees!

However, there’s only so much you can do by rearranging the office layout and bringing in some intriguing art pieces.

Bring In A Professional To Spice Up The Atmosphere

The best way to truly make your office environment more welcoming and inviting is by motivating your employees and helping them feel included.

It’s important to reach your employees on a deeper level. And that’s only possible with the right person there to guide them to success.

That’s why hiring a corporate emcee is critical if you want your team to feel wholeheartedly welcomed!

An emcee will help ensure your event’s success and that everyone in the audience (whether it be in-person or virtually) feels at home.

group of employees working together custom artwork accent wall office design air quality brand colors company's vision improve air quality workplace stress hanging art office clutter spaces productive furniture companyThe Key To Creating A Welcoming Office Environment

Making your office space feel truly inviting and warm is best done by using humor and comedy. There’s nothing quite like genuine laughter to put people at ease and help them open up!

Luckily, that’s what emcees are best at. I know that humor is essentially my secret weapon when I walk on stage. Once the jokes start rolling and people start laughing, I know I’ve already made a difference.

By helping your team laugh and let their hair down, the right emcee can truly help cultivate a warm and engaging workplace that helps employees thrive!

#2. Engages And Interacts With The Team

Engaged employees are happy employees. Even your business could greatly benefit from boosting productivity, as highly engaged teams offer 21% greater profitability.

With an emcee, you’ll be able to make employee engagement a priority. The right speaker will know how to use interactive exercises and games in order to get the gears turning.

Emcees are able to actively encourage all employees to participate in discussions, activities, and team-building exercises, fostering a sense of involvement. Then, when everyone returns to the office, the team will feel much more open, lively, and relaxed!

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group of employees shaking hands and working together natural light brand new clients accent colors add plants storage options positive vibes personal items mission statement color scheme create space furniture plants windows spaces clients#3. Listens Actively

Listening is one of the most important factors when it comes to making an inviting office space.

When employees feel like their opinions aren’t appreciated or valued, it’s likely that they’ll shut down. And that can cause a workplace to feel grim and closed off.

As a workplace leader, it’s important to actively listen to your employees and make them feel heard. This helps create an office environment that is welcoming and open. When people feel like they can share their thoughts and feelings, they’re more likely to be happy!

During an event, the right emcee will be integral in helping employees feel listened to while showing genuine interest and empathy.

#4. Creates An Inclusive Atmosphere

A fundamental aspect of a welcoming office environment is inclusivity. Workers need to feel like they are truly accepted, no matter what!

It’s important to establish an office atmosphere that values different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs. This is the foundation of an inclusive and welcoming place.

A great master of ceremonies knows the power of inclusivity and will make that an integral part of their act!

#5. Organizes The Agenda

Something that plays a huge role in creating a comfortable workplace is organization.

For example, physical clutter can often make a workplace feel mismatched, uncomfortable, and awkward. It’s important not to use office spaces for things like miscellaneous storage as that will make the area cluttered and clumsy.

In fact, it’s normal to consider things like clutter the main enemy of productivity and engagement. It can weigh on people’s minds and make it hard for them to concentrate. This, in turn, can easily turn a peaceful and relaxing environment into something unwelcoming and uncooperative.

Emcees need to walk on stage with all their ducks in a row. It’s important for them to have a clear agenda for things like interactive sessions and team bonding activities so that everything progresses smoothly.

This high level of organization can translate to a welcoming and open workplace!

employees sitting at a table and shaking hands conference room productive office supplies natural light bring nature indoors productive office furniture office walls break room company furniture create space spaces plants space#6. Makes Room For Collaboration

A fundamental aspect of creating a positive workplace lies in the relationships between workers.

It’s important for everyone to know that they can work together in order to both get through the day and overcome obstacles that may arise. Plus, when employees are friendly and open to each other, it can help people feel much more comfortable with where they are.

Collaboration and teamwork are integral for workplaces to run effectively and efficiently. Great workplace relationships are not only important for productivity, but it’s also essential when creating a welcoming office environment.

#7. Emphasizes Team-Building

Emcees often use team-building activities and exercises to get people active.

Organizing team-building events and workshops helps foster connections among employees and promotes a sense of camaraderie.

And that’s a great way to make an office environment more welcoming and open!

Wrapping Up

Making your workplace feel open and comfortable isn’t as challenging as it needs to be. With the right emcee, it’ll be easy to truly welcome your team!

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