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77% of employees say that they would enjoy having a Halloween party at work. Even if you’re planning to skip the costume, it’s well worth your time to put together a spooky celebration for your team!

Key takeaways

  1. OOutlandish Costume Contest
  2. CCreepy Office Decorations
  3. TTrick-or-Treat Treasure Hunt
  4. OOffice Pumpkin Carving Contest
  5. BBoo Bingo
  6. EEerie Eats And Drinks
  7. RRiveting Movie Screening

Finding the perfect Halloween theme or inspiration for your upcoming event is essential if you want to forego the cheesy decor and treat your team to a memorable evening. And with the right emcee running the show, you’ll certainly wow your employees with some festive and spooktacular entertainment!

Keep reading, and I’ll share seven of my favorite ideas for a Halloween office party with the acronym OCTOBER that will surely impress.

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#1. O – Outlandish Costume Contest

If you want to host a great office Halloween party, sometimes the best ideas are the classics!

A great way to celebrate Halloween at work is by having a costume contest. It’s a festive and spooky way to get the whole office in on the holiday fun.

And with a dash of friendly competition, your employees are sure to have a great time.

a group of people sitting together wearing halloween costumes co workers team building theme fun partyWith a dash of horror and a bit of team spirit

Plus, this timeless Halloween party idea is a fantastic way to encourage employees to explore their creative side while building camaraderie!

For your upcoming Halloween costume contest, encourage everyone to come in their most creative and outlandish Halloween outfits. Don’t forget to award prizes for the best costume, scariest costume, and any different categories you can think of.

The key to hosting a great office Halloween party

If you truly want to treat your team to a meaningful and memorable Halloween party, you can’t forget the foundation of any great function.

And that is a great emcee!

a group of people in Halloween costumes posing in a festive area decorating decorate party theme costumes ideasYour Halloween party won’t be complete without an emcee at the helm

With an experienced and hilarious master of ceremonies running the show, you can take your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

The right speaker will effortlessly guide the festivities while keeping all the attendees entertained and comfortable. There’s no better way to truly bring your favorite Halloween party ideas together!

#2. C – Creepy Office Decorations

One of the best parts of the Halloween spirit is all the spooky and thrilling decorations. There’s something so exciting and enchanting about seeing a space lit up with fun and festive decor!

Whether you want to fill your office space with fake spider webs or plastic pumpkins, the right decorations can really send a chilling message for the season. Though, it’s not as haunting as you might think.

Instead, it’ll instill a feeling of warmth, camaraderie, and fun!

an office cubicle decorated with Halloween items charcuterie board treat bags raise money company logoHalloween decorations will single-handedly create that spooky yet cozy atmosphere

Transform the office into a haunted space with eerie decorations like spiderwebs, tombstones, jack-o-lanterns, and ghostly figures. When it comes down to it, there’s no limit to what you can do.

The starry midnight sky is the limit!

Feel free to also try holding a decorating competition among different small teams or company departments. Let’s see how spook-tacular your office can get!

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#3. T – Trick-or-Treat Treasure Hunt

The trick to a fun Halloween party in the office lies in the festive activities that have captivated us since our childhood. And who can turn down some investigative trick-or-treating?

For this idea, you’ll need to organize a Halloween-themed treasure hunt around the office. Participants can follow clues to find hidden treats or spooky surprises.

Plus, it’s incredibly nostalgic. Encourage employees to bring their kids for some family-friendly celebrations!

a group of people in Halloween costumes talking at a party monster mash fun time little fun spider cupcakes co workers in person costumesThere’s no limit to what you can hide

Whether these treats are sweet candies or fun office coupons that your employees can use during their normal day-to-day routines, you can get creative when it comes to hiding surprises for your team.

Perhaps the grand prize (immaculately hidden, of course) could be an extra week of time off. Talk about a fantastic prize!

#4. O – Office Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is a simplistic and laid-back route to take if you want to host a simple yet relaxed office party for Halloween. After all, not everyone wants to get wild!

Instead of renting a venue and having your team dress up, you can host a relaxed get-together in the office and carve pumpkins.

a girl drawing on a pumpkin with sharpie trick or treating murder mystery holiday parties halloween activities decorating party candy halloween party ideasTreat your team to some heart-warming nostalgia

All you need to do is get plenty of pumpkins for the entire team, as well as enough carving supplies. It’s a nostalgic way to celebrate Halloween while spending time with your employees.

Don’t forget to bring in some food and drinks (like the Halloween apple cider and candied apples), and then get carvin’!

Make things a bit more exciting if you feel up to it

By turning it into a pumpkin-carving contest, you can even elevate the Halloween celebration experience and further encourage team-building.

Then, display the finished creations around the office for a festive atmosphere all of October.

#5. B – Boo Bingo

You can also try hosting a Halloween-themed bingo game with spooky prizes. Plus, it makes for a great holiday celebration for your remote employees!

a group of people in Halloween costumes posing in a festive area photo booth haunted house scavenger hunt candy costumes decorate halloween activitiesA simple yet entertaining way to get everyone together

Start by creating bingo cards featuring Halloween-related images or phrases for a fun and interactive activity.

You can spice it up as much as you want or merely use this idea as a fun Halloween activity to incorporate into your bigger celebration.

#6. E – Eerie Eats And Drinks

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Halloween is by indulging in some great spooky eats and drinks. After all, who can say “no” to delicious food?

Again, this can effortlessly be incorporated into a bigger event. After all, any great function needs plenty of food and beverage options to keep attendees full and fed!

Halloween themed food pigs in a blanket party planning committee party favors old school party games toilet paper murder mystery scavenger huntEither cater in food or turn it into a potluck

You can also dress this idea down by turning it into a potluck-styled get-together. Have your employees bring their favorite Halloween recipes (or their favorite meals for other holidays) and spend some time eating a meal together.

It’s a sweet, savory, and spooky way to celebrate Halloween at work. Just don’t forget the classic candy corn and caramel apples!

#7. R – Riveting Movie Screening

Everyone loves thrilling and scary Halloween movies. It’s one of the best parts of this time of year!

Take an evening with the team and screen some classic Halloween movies or TV shows. Or, you could elevate everyone’s lunch break and have a mini screening during the day.

people sitting outside at an outdoor movie screening halloween party ideas work tasks decorate kids theme party candy party murder mysteryHorror movies are a must during the Halloween season

Be sure to provide popcorn and other cozy snacks to make your movie night truly enjoyable and relaxing.

Is your team primarily remote workers? It’s easy to make this the perfect virtual Halloween party as well! Just stream a movie or two over a video call!

Wrapping Up

Putting together the perfect office Halloween party isn’t always an easy task. You need to be sure to keep the people entertained from start to finish without getting too cheesy.

Whether you go for a flashy, festive company event or a low-key costumes contest, your employees deserve to celebrate Halloween at work in style. They’ve been working hard, and they need an exciting way to blow off that extra steam.

Just don’t forget to book the right emcee or keynote speaker, and then watch how the fun unfolds!

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