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In 2022, over $3 billion was raised by nonprofits in the United States on Giving Tuesday. Any fundraiser or event planner knows the importance of this day for meeting goals and making a difference!

Key takeaways

  1. Matching gift campaign
  2. Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign
  3. Host a corporate event with a Master of Ceremonies
  4. Have a fundraising auction
  5. Try out a modern telethon on a streaming site

The best way to tap into the giving spirit is by hosting the perfect fundraising event. As a corporate emcee, I’ve learned a thing or two about putting together a killer evening that will help your Giving Tuesday campaign thrive. So, let me share it with you!

Keep reading, and I’ll detail my five favorite ideas for this charitable day.

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#1. Matching gift campaign

One of the best Giving Tuesday fundraising ideas is that of a matching gift campaign.

A matching gifts Giving Tuesday campaign is all about getting donors excited about their potential impact on the world around them.

The feeling of making a difference is already a driving force behind most fundraisers, and it’s a good idea to capitalize on that if you want to raise as much money as you can!

It’s helpful that Giving Tuesday as a whole is already pretty widely known, and it’ll be easier than with a solo campaign to generate buzz.

The power of matching gifts and donations

Matching gifts are one of the more popular corporate giving programs that involve an organization or company matching any donations from employees or others at a typical ratio of one to one.

The reason why matching gift campaigns are so successful is that they help people feel excited about their increased individual impact. It also effortlessly helps you raise more donations for your cause.

Statistics even show that 84% of donors would donate more if their contributions were matched!

a group of people happy fundraising appeals boost donations donate money tuesday donation page fundraising thermometer more donors recurring giving campaign new donors facebook fundraiser giving tuesdayHow to set up your own matching gift event

To do this, all you need to do is find sponsors, organizations, or local businesses that will help match your donors’ contributions.

Of course, this can go up to a certain amount or whatever you end up agreeing upon.

This will also help those local businesses or organizations get more recognition and reinforce them as a positive influence in the community. It’s a win-win-win!

#2. Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign

One of the best ways to take control of your upcoming fundraiser is by involving the people closest to you and your organization. And with a peer-to-peer campaign, you’ll be able to utilize the benefits of social media campaigns to the max.

All you need to do is ask your supporters and others involved in your cause to start their own fundraising pages online.

Your cause will then be spread far and wide, helping you rake in as many donations as you can!

Social media can make any Giving Tuesday campaign a success

Social media channels and other online platforms can help you effectively push your event’s success.

After all, everyone and everything is on the internet, and you’re missing out if you’re not using that to your advantage!

When it comes to peer-to-peer fundraising ideas, you can’t expect success without utilizing social media or other online platforms.

That will be the foundation on which your supporters will spread the word while getting donations.

#3. Host a corporate event with a Master of Ceremonies

Sometimes, the best way to kick off Giving Tuesday is with a classic corporate event.

With the right emcee at the helm, it’ll be easy to treat your guests to a memorable evening while raising money for a good cause!

I’ve been a corporate emcee for over twenty years and have seen how a great event can help a company or organization meet its goals. And it’s the same thing for fundraisers or any nonprofit organization.

an outdoor event fundraising dollars funds raised giving tuesday strategies early donations fundraising progress supporters engaged online donation page fundraising efforts social media posts giving tuesdayKeeping your audience engaged will help the donations flow in

If you want your fundraiser to be a success, you need to ensure that people are excited to be there. Having a great cause at your back will only do so much.

You need humor, engagement, and interest at the forefront to get people excited!

#4. Have a fundraising auction

You can never go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned auction. This is one of the best ways to have some fun while raising money!

Whether you host an online auction or a silent bidding war, putting items up for bid in an effort to raise money helps participants walk away with a new treasure or two.

Plus, it’s easy to make it into a more laid-back and causal event if you’re not up for something big and flashy.

Or, you can easily scale it up and put on a show!

How to make sure your auction is a success

The key here is to ensure that you’re bidding on items that people actually want. It doesn’t make sense to go this route if you have nothing to offer the people!

This is also where it really pays off if you know your audience and target demographic well.

That way, you can ensure you offer things that will get people interested.

a group of people bidding at an auction social media campaign recurring donors online donations monthly donors matching gift programs soliciting donations encourage donors weeks leading potential donors giving tuesdayA few more ideas for hosting the perfect action

Here are a few ideas for items you can auction off:

  • Gift or goodie baskets
  • Holiday hams or turkeys (perfect for the holiday season!)
  • Ski resort passes
  • Cruise or tropical vacation packages
  • Plane tickets
  • Bed and breakfast or hotel stays
  • Tickets to concerts, theatre, or other performances
  • Outdoor rec items like kayaks or snowboards
  • Home improvement items or tools

When it comes down to it, there’s really no limit to what you can give away. Get creative!

#5. Try out a modern telethon on a streaming site

Telethons used to be a popular way to raise funds. However, they’re not so hot anymore.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the basic idea and make it a bit more modern. After all, the internet is on your side now, and that opens up countless new possibilities!

A unique Giving Tuesday idea that will help you bring social media into the mix

Traditionally, a telethon involves donors calling into an event broadcast to pledge funds.

These fundraising events often involve sound sort of entertainment and commentary that can last for hours or even days.

However, that’s a pretty outdated approach. And now, there are plenty of streaming services you can use to host an online fundraising event that doubles as a telethon!

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lady going online to a donation from successful giving tuesday campaign ideas board members new donors existing donors raising funds giving tuesday donations fundraising success fundraising campaigns giving tuesdayHow to host an online Giving Tuesday campaign

Planning a live stream can be a fun and engaging activity.

Plus, it’s a much more streamlined way to host a Giving Tuesday event!

All you need to do is pick a live streaming platform like Twitch or Facebook and then book some performers to appear. Or, if it’s easier, they can prerecord a piece for you to show during the show.

It’s important to keep people engaged and entertained

It’s a good idea to involve as much intrigue and excitement as you can so that your virtual event attendees are always interested.

Whether you’re relying on a corporate emcee, a musical band, or a branded item giveaway, incorporate a mix of activities in your event.

How can you ensure your Giving Tuesday campaign is a success?

Now that you have a few of the best Giving Tuesday campaign ideas up your sleeve, it’s time to delve into what will truly make your evening a success.

Let me use the acronym FUNDRAISER, and I’ll share ten ways you can set you and your team up for the best event you’ll have.

(1) F – Focus on fostering relationships

The key to any great event lies in the people that you involve. It’s important to use this time to build key relationships and connections with those involved!

Focus on fostering positive relations with everyone, from donors to volunteers. This will help you to create a supportive community surrounding your cause.

a group of people at an outdoor event giving tuesday ideas giving tuesday campaign ideas charitable giving giving process fundraising goal fundraising goals giving tuesday ideas giving tuesday giving tuesday(2) U – Utilize technology to the max

In this day and age, technology isn’t something you can overlook. It should be a key part of your event (or any event, for that matter).

Be sure to use plenty of tech tools and platforms for things like online promotion, ticketing, and donations to reach a broader audience. There’s no limit to what you can do!

(3) N – Network and build connections strategically

Now is a great chance to network. Both you and your event attendees could really benefit from that!

Use this time to connect with individuals and organizations who can help promote your event and increase its reach. That’s a great way to help boost your success.

(4) D – Diversify your fundraiser donation streams

If the goal of your Giving Tuesday campaign is to raise money and funds, it’s a good idea to ensure you have multiple ways to do so. That’s how you’ll maximize your potential donations.

Explore various fundraising methods like auctions, raffles, and sponsorships to maximize revenue.

(5) R – Raise awareness for your cause

You’re likely working to raise money for something near and dear to your heart. And even if it’s not, it’s still likely for a good cause!

People are likely to give more if they feel they can support your cause. Generate buzz and inform the public about your event through things like social media, email campaigns, and press releases.

(6) A – Allocate your resources wisely

Getting the donations is only part of it.

Be sure that you handle your earnings efficiently and properly!

lady at an event giving tuesday ideas donation page donation form giving tuesday campaign ideas giving tuesday campaign giving tuesday social media giving tuesday social media giving tuesday social media giving tuesday(7) I – Involve the community and the people around you

It’s better if your event had plenty of community involvement. That’ll show people that you are invested in both the cause and the people around you, and it’ll help drive traffic.

Engage local businesses, schools, and community groups to participate and support your event. This will help bring awareness and interest to your campaign.

(8) S – Secure sponsorships and partnerships

Every event needs plenty of sponsors and partnerships. This is also a great way to help raise money.

Partner with plenty of like-minded nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to share resources and broaden your impact. That’s integral!

(9) E – Engage your audience with a corporate emcee

Every event needs great entertainment to keep people interested and engaged. And that’s only possible with an exceptional master of ceremonies running the show!

An emcee knows exactly how to keep the audience engaged, regardless of your cause or campaign. That’s what we’re best at.

(10) R – Review and reflect

If you truly want your Giving Tuesday event to do well, you need to know how to adapt and respond. If you’ve hosted events in the past, take note of what went well and what didn’t so that you’re able to come at this one with a newfound perspective and chance to succeed.

After your upcoming event, take time to review and reflect. Then, use these insights to plan even more successful fundraisers in the future.

Wrapping up

Hosting an event for Giving Tuesday is a great way to help boost your campaign goals. And with a funny keynote speaker at the helm, you’ll be well on your way to hosting a successful Giving Tuesday function!

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