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Are your employees in need of a break from their day-to-day work schedules? Then you need to host a corporate event that boosts morale, encourages collaboration, and provides your team with a deeper purpose!

Key Takeaways

  1. FFood festival
  2. AAdventure day
  3. MMovie night
  4. IInnovation fair
  5. LLearning workshops
  6. YYoga retreat

Company events can send a powerful message to your employees who, likely, want more than anything to spend a little extra time with the people they love. By putting together a family-friendly corporate event, you can show them you truly care and increase productivity in the meantime.

Below, I go over six of my favorite ideas for FAMILY-friendly corporate outings. So, keep reading!

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#1. Food Festival

When it comes to putting together the perfect family company event, nothing is more enticing than food. From your employees to their kids, everyone is sure to get on board with some delicious grub!

One of the best ways to treat your team right is by ensuring they can indulge in some great eats. Especially after a long, hard week, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting down with your family for a meal that hits the spot!

A Mouth-Watering Family Fun Day

Even if their children are apprehensive about going, it’ll be easy to sell them on the idea of food being there. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Depending on the event style you’re going for, you can either offer a buffet, BBQ, or summer food stands with a cotton candy or s’mores bar.

Corporate family fun day corporate family fun day corporate family fun day corporate family fun day corporate family fun day professional event manager decide family fun days family fun days corporate family days#2. Adventure Day

If you want to appeal to your employees’ nostalgic side, host an adventure day company event! Now that it’s summer, it’ll be easy to use the great outdoors as a suitable venue.

Plan an adventure day for the whole family, complete with games and activities like hiking, scavenger hunts, nature walks, or team-building challenges.

The Key To A Successful Event

Regardless of what type of event you’re throwing, you need to book a corporate emcee. That way, your event can stay on track, and everyone in attendance will be sure to have a great time!

As a corporate emcee, I’ve learned that there’s nothing more critical for events than having someone experienced to run the show and guide the festivities. Don’t overlook this fact!

Employees families corporate family day shows event planning ensure job safety analysis fundraising events planning process charity picnic fun activities more fun contact details treasure hunt guests safety site plan checklistBonus: How To Introduce Yourself As Emcee

#3. Movie Night

Nothing says “family-friendly event” like a movie night under the stars.

You can set up a large outdoor screen or even rent a movie theater to play some kid-friendly movies for your employees and their loved ones to enjoy. Don’t forget to bring in some popcorn, snacks, and beverages!

Fantastic way small groups petting zoo physical activity key stakeholder entertainment stilt walkers venue clean magic show bouncy castles team building unique ideas face painting face painters fun live bands excitement engaged teams#4. Innovation Fair

Especially in today’s modern age, there’s perhaps nothing as important as a healthy work-life balance. And by encouraging your team to spend time with their family, you’re a part of that positive change!

By putting together an innovation fair, you can promote both healthy learning and quality time.

The Power Of Collaborative Innovation

At an innovation fair, employees and their families can display innovative projects or ideas. It can be anything from exciting science experiments to technological inventions.

Interactive demonstrations hosted by a master of ceremonies also allow more opportunities for networking and collaboration between all the attendees.

#5. Learning Workshops

Kids are always hungry to learn. And with learning workshops, you can encourage that healthy drive for both your employees and their families!

Organize a series of learning workshops covering anything like financial planning, parenting tips, health, and wellness, or personal development. But you can take any route you want to.

If you’re looking for something geared more toward the kids of your employees, you can host gardening, DIY, or origami workshops.

Hire hire exciting dance existing example party party theme ages theme entertaining create adults game game game involved adults games hard work guests games kids kids kids kids ideas entertainment entertainment venue guests events events employees employees entertainment fun event corporate family day corporate family day family fun day family fun day#6. Yoga Retreat

Your employees are likely looking for a chance to unwind and relax with their families. And with a family-friendly yoga retreat planned, that’ll be easy!

By giving your team a chance to indulge in some yoga, you’re giving them a chance to release stress and tension that otherwise might continue to build up. 

Don’t forget to hire professional instructors to lead yoga classes suitable for all ages and skill levels. Plus, you should ensure your yoga retreat is in a serene and peaceful environment where guests can relax, rejuvenate, and connect with each other.

Wrapping Up

Putting together the perfect family-friendly fun day isn’t the challenge that you might think it is. With these great ideas up your sleeve, you can treat your team and their loved ones to the comforting get-together they deserve!

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