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Corporate events and conferences are excellent opportunities for employees to interact with each other and reap some fantastic benefits. And I think we can all agree that one of the best parts of any conference is the entertainment.

My Favorites

  1. Bring in a corporate magician to set the stage for the event
  2. Host a mixology or cooking class
  3. Have a live band perform
  4. Bring in a henna tattoo artist or face painter
  5. Add in virtual reality (VR)

Need some ideas to make your 2023 conference a hit? Keep reading, and I’ll let you know some of my personal favorites that are sure to work!

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#1. Bring In A Magician

A lot can go into hosting the perfect conference. However, nailing each and every aspect is critical to ensuring your corporate event or conference is a success.

Every event needs a speaker to set the tone and keep the people entertained. But to truly provide some class-A fun, you can’t just resort to the first conference speaker you find. You need to go bigger than that!

Bringing in a magician corporate speaker is just the thing if you want someone who will stay on topic, provide a unique show, and get people excited simultaneously. It may sound unconventional initially, but that’s what makes it successful.

You want your employees to go home after the corporate event or conference and remember what happened. And this is sure to make it stick in their minds.

Finding a corporate magician doesn’t need to be hard if you know what you want. First, make sure you book a clean entertainer who won’t bring rude, controversial, or dirty subjects on stage. There’s no room for that at a professional event. Plus, it leaves everyone feeling uncomfortable.

You can also get virtual entertainers or magicians for your remote teams!

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What Makes Great Conference EVENT Entertainment?

Finding the right event entertainment is just part of it. If you want your employees to truly benefit from your conference, you must ensure you create an experience that will give them an advantage.

I’ve been a corporate master of ceremonies for a while, and I know what works and what doesn’t. A great event takes planning, preparation, and entertainment.

Great EVENTS have a few things in common. Let’s break down the acronym.

Entertainment That Includes Everyone

Events need to be inclusive. Anything from the speaker to the entertainment needs to have something for everyone! There’s nothing more disheartening than an entire group of people feeling left out.

Visual Stimulation

Your conference needs to be visually appealing. People like to be “wowed!”

Engagement And Humor

If your corporate event entertainment ideas aren’t engaging and hilarious, you should probably find something new. Your attendees must be fully entertained and enjoying themselves from the moment they walk in!

Networking Opportunities

Don’t forget that any conference is still a professional event. Ensure that people have a chance to connect with others and network.

Team-Building Activities

Incorporating friendly competition and team-building activities is crucial for any corporate event. It’s great for boosting morale, increasing engagement, and establishing a positive company culture.

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#2. Host A Mixology Class

During the pandemic, many remote teams found unique ways to interact online to maintain morale and keep everyone connected. And one way of doing so that became relatively popular was mixology classes.

Mixology is a fun way for people to craft their own cocktails and favorite drinks with the help of a professional. You can host it either in-person or virtually, so you’re set for any event!

Keep in mind that you can totally tweak this however you see fit. If you don’t want to involve alcohol, you can also make virgin drinks or any type of beverage.

Want to skip drinks altogether? You can also incorporate a cooking class instead! No one ever said no to a delicious cooked meal.

Want to make it all a bit more exhilarating? Feel free to make a competition out of it! Give awards to people that are the best mixers or cooks in certain categories.

#3. Hire A Live Band

Though the idea of live bands isn’t anything super extraordinary, many people tend to forget that it’s an excellent option for corporate event entertainment. Most people love music, and a live band is a great way to get people excited!

I recommend finding someone local, as it’ll be more unique and personable to the attendees. You can also go for a cover group that will play songs everyone loves and is familiar with.

It’s also great if your chosen musical group will take song requests. This is another great way for your employees to get more involved with the entertainment.

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#4. Set Up A Henna Tattoo Station

Though henna art might not be as popular as it was a few years ago, it’s still a hit for people looking to enjoy creative, non-permanent body art. This ancient body art of Menhdi is a great way to add some extra entertainment to your event in a simple yet effective way.

The tattoo artists can apply custom or pre-made designs to your employees to leave them stylish and artsy. It lasts only two weeks before it fades, but that’s long enough for some fantastic memories and great photos.

Instead, you can bring in a face painter to put a more nostalgic spin on your event.

Teach attendees sit supporting elements in person event entertainment ideas circus acts decided ahead raise money event themes conference venue smaller groups new ideas entertainment entertainment#5. Add In Virtual Reality (VR)

Nowadays, getting your hands on a pair of VR goggles is easier than ever. And it’s also perfect for giving any user an engaging, interactive experience.

Want to add a fun element to your conference that will keep your employees entertained? Bringing in some VR is the perfect way to do so. 

VR is a great way to enjoy entertainment on a new level for any corporate event.

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