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Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to take the idea of a company outing to the next level.

My Favorite Spring Outing Ideas 

  1. C – Comedy show
  2. E – Escape room adventure
  3. L – Lawn games day
  4. E – Educational workshop day
  5. B – Barbecue and picnic in the park
  6. R – Relaxation retreat
  7. A – Artistic painting party
  8. T – Team-building activities
  9. E – Evening gala with dinner

Hosting an extraordinary event can be more challenging than it first appears. Anything less than perfect will end in boredom and disappointment for your attendees.

But with a corporate emcee, you can rest assured knowing the bulk of the hard work will be taken care of. And it starts now! Keep reading, and I’ll let you know nine of the best company outing ideas to truly CELEBRATE spring.

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#1. Comedy Show

Company outings are fantastic ways to bring people closer together. After all, our coworkers are more than just strangers.

Spending time outside of the four walls of the office can strengthen bonds, form relationships, and improve collaboration. But team outings are about more than indulging in some delicious eats and genuine laughter.

They’re about building the foundation of a productive, happy, and healthy workplace!

The Benefits Of Team Outings

For some, the biggest pro of any team outing is the mere social aspect of it all. But the advantages of team outings extend way beyond that, taking root in our daily work lives.

Companies depend on things like open communication, engaged workers, and a healthy environment to thrive and succeed. And team outings can successfully boost all of these metrics.

Team outings can help:

  • Improve collaboration and teamwork
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Boost job productivity
  • Create a healthy work culture
  • Strengthen communication skills

There’s truly no way around it. Team outings are where it’s at!

Going Back To The Basics

If you want to create a killer team outing, you must focus on what matters – helping your team connect with each other.

And there’s nothing that the power of laughter can’t do!

In fact, genuine humor can be instrumental in helping build positive relationships. And that’s critical in the workplace.

That’s why a comedy show is at the top of my list. It contains all the aspects of a fun and exciting company event, including laughter, entertainment, and camaraderie!

And it’s easier than it seems to host a comedy event. All you need is a fantastic emcee, and you’ll be golden.

Small groups favorite team happy hour competitive spirit local bar fresh air boost morale next company group settingThe Key To A Perfect Outing

A corporate emcee knows how to keep the troops entertained. Plus, with the power of comedy, it’ll be that much easier to instill laughter, camaraderie, and fellowship between your employees.

Even if your team is remote, you can get a virtual emcee!

I’ve hosted my fair share of in-person, remote, and even hybrid events, and there’s always a way to bring laughter to the forefront so long as the comedian or speaker you book is great!

Just remember to keep things PG. Clean comedy is the foundation of any genuinely hilarious company outing or event.

So steer clear of those traditional comedians, and stick with an experienced corporate emcee.

#2. Escape Room Adventure

Escape rooms really are a must for any company outing. It’s the perfect way to mix teamwork and problem-solving together.

Plus, escape rooms are seeming all the rage right now, so your team will love the chance to indulge in such a popular activity!

If you want to incorporate plenty of team bonding into your upcoming outing, an escape room will do just the trick. It’s a great way to spice up any company event, and with the right emcee, it can make the evening end in perfect harmony.

Here’s what it should look like.

Come up with a theme beforehand.

Depending on the size of your party, you might need to break your employees up into smaller subgroups.

Once inside, they’ll need to decipher contextual clues, challenging puzzles, and mind-bending hints in order to “escape” a “locked” room within a certain amount of time.

Whichever team can do it first wins!

#3. Lawn Games Day

Entire team trivia night team building events local attractions trampoline park whole team painting class entire office local attraction board gamesNow that it’s spring, it’s time to take your upcoming team outing to the great outdoors!

Outdoor team outings are great for team-building and soaking in some vitamin D. Plus, sunshine can do wonders for the mind and body.

Hosting a comfortable and relaxing outdoor lawn games day will give your team a chance to connect while embracing warmer weather.

You can encourage friendly competition and include games like cornhole, bocce ball, and ladder toss.

Don’t forget food and drinks!

#4. Educational Workshops Or Classes

The workplace is an area where many employees feel like they can explore their passions while growing as professionals. And learning can happen outside of the office as well!

Take your employees off-site to an educational or developmental workshop and allow them to take home some new knowledge.

It can be something related to their profession or perhaps just something a bit more fun. Popular company event classes include anything from baking to gardening. 

And from leadership workshops to cooking classes, the possibilities are endless! Plus, they provide a way for employees to bond and learn something new in an interactive environment.

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#5. Barbeque And Picnic

Local park cooking class scavenger hunt team members team members team members team members laser tag team building exercise team building exercises go kart trackThe best spring outing ideas happen outdoors.

After all, who can resist the warm weather and sunny afternoons? I know I can’t.

A barbeque and picnic is a classic springtime team outing that will bring some light into your employees’ lives. It’s a simple and laid-back way for them to spend time together outside of the office.

You can spice it up as much as you want, involving anything from an emcee to live music. Or, for smaller teams, you can merely host a relaxed team picnic.

#6. Relaxation Retreat

Work can be stressful. Even if you love your job, there are probably days when you go home and can’t wait to shake off and unwind.

So, why not treat your team to some well-deserved rest and relaxation?

Instead of opting for a hyped-up and energized company event, you can go for a lax and cozy relaxation retreat. You can either take your team on a rejuvenating spa day or to a wellness retreat.

Involving activities like massages, yoga classes, and meditation sessions will go a long way in helping your employees feel a bit more relaxed and flexible before returning to work.

If your team is remote, you can either gift them a coupon to a local spa or send them a wellness gift basket straight to their door.

#7. Artistic Painting Party

Art is a great way to unwind and recharge. Hobbies give us a chance to explore things like self-expression while allowing us to relax our minds.

Host an artistic painting workshop or outdoor art session to give your team a chance to unleash their creative potential. Giving them the tools they need is enough to get them started!

After all, when it comes to artistic or crafty hobbies, the hardest part is getting started.

#8. Team-Building Activities

Team outing ideas team building activities team building activities team building activities remote teams fun company outing professional development workshopYou can’t go wrong with a team-building activity. Incorporate plenty of collaborative and interactive activities into a company event, and you’ll be set!

Team-building activities encourage bonding and teamwork. Plus, they are great ways to light the fire of healthy competition!

Anything from a scavenger hunt to a simplistic board game tournament will be ideal. But find the idea that speaks to your team the most, and run with it!

#9. Evening Gala

Do you want to put a more sophisticated and unique spin on a company event?

Transform it into a gala, and let your employees enjoy a night of mystery, intrigue, and festivity!

Evening galas are great for both fundraisers and company events. It can be exciting and thrilling to have an evening where you throw on your best attire and enjoy a catered meal.

Plus, you can make it as bougie as you want. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even hire a live band and let your team enjoy some dancing with their dinner!

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