What Is Pathos In Public Speaking

How To Use Pathos In Public Speaking

By | Keynote Speaking, Post

Persuasive speaking is an incredible skill. Those that can successfully establish an emotional bond with their audience using PATHOS wield a fantastic power! Key Takeaways Pay attention to who your audience is Add emphasis on certain words to evoke emotions Take your time, and don’t rush to build an emotional…

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Why Employee Empowerment Is Important

Why Employee Empowerment Matters

By | Inspiration, Post

As a leader in the workplace, you have a direct responsibility toward your employees. You’re more than a boss or supervisor. You’re their guide to empowerment! Key Takeaways Employees know how to hold themselves accountable Makes room for creative thinking and new ideas Productivity and engagement vastly improve when empowerment…

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How To Create A Positive Workplace Culture

8 Ways To Create A Positive Workplace Culture

By | Ideas, Post

An organization is about more than sales numbers and a collection of desks. Organizations are nothing without an established company culture. Key Takeaways Prioritize a healthy work-life balance Operate with flexibility and prioritize respect Set clear standards and expectations for your employees Integrate an employee recognition program to help your…

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