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41% of event planning professionals have been putting together more events in the year 2023 than they had originally planned. By hosting the perfect B2B function, you’ll be able to strengthen your brand while successfully reaching your target audience like never before!

At a glance

  • B2B stands for business-to-business and refers to the interactions and transactions between different organizations or businesses.
  • Trade shows are exhibitions that are a type of B2B event that help bring different people in an industry together to connect.
  • Conferences are similar to trade shows, but they involve different educational engagements and content from industry experts.
  • Product launches give you and your brand the perfect chance to showcase your new products to the right crowd.
  • It’s becoming increasingly common to host online B2B events over in-person events.
  • Having an emcee at your event is crucial if you want to ensure it runs smoothly while keeping your attendees engaged.
  • Be sure to understand your target audience, create a compelling agenda, utilize modern technology, and reflect on your event to ensure the success of your B2B event!

However, planning an entire B2B event, complete with enlightening entertainment and delicious dishes, might not be as simple as it looks on the outside. I’ve played my part on stage for countless events, and I know the true power of these evenings when it comes to driving your business’s growth.

Keep reading, and I’ll share with you the ultimate guide to B2B event planning.

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What are the different types of B2B events?

B2B, which stands for business-to-business, refers to transactions between two businesses.

When it comes to B2B event marketing, this is more about targeting other businesses or organizations in your endeavors.

So, at your event, instead of inviting solely potential clients or customers, you’re looking to connect with other industry professionals!

Unlike B2C events, business-to-consumer, your target audience will likely be much more specialized and unique.

B2B events come in several forms, with each one serving a particular purpose.

Let’s review.

people sitting at an event b2b event marketing strategy sales team event format business success exclusive access event content event registrations engaging eventsTrade shows

Many B2B event marketing strategies involve multiple businesses.

After all, it’s more efficient to have more than one organization represented at an event. Plus, it’s better for generating leads!

At trade shows, businesses often showcase their products, services, and innovative ideas to others in a specific industry.

A trade show makes for a great networking event and gives an excellent opportunity to boost your brand.

However, much of the time, trade shows aren’t open to the general public and are instead invite-only events.

Specific types of trade show events include workshops, networking events, or other exhibition spaces.


Conferences are similar to trade shows in that they help bring together multiple people from the same industry.

From thought leaders to industry experts, conferences can help provide valuable insights while encouraging you to expand your professional network.

Conferences are typically large-scale and can span several days. From interactive seminars to fun team-building activities, there are usually various engagements that take place during a conference.

Product launches

Many businesses are often looking to expose their new product to the right people. And a B2B event is the perfect chance to introduce your offerings to new customers and other business owners.

Successful B2B event marketing is a surefire way to generate buzz for your brand and any upcoming events while garnering valuable feedback!

people sitting watching a presentation b2b event marketing channels business leaders potential attendees generate leads gather feedback charity events event marketersVirtual events and webinars

In today’s post-Covid world, it’s more and more common for events to take place online. In-person events aren’t always the right for everyone, and hosting a virtual or hybrid event might help you reach your event goals more quickly and efficiently!

It’s possible to execute nearly any B2B event type online, depending on your unique situation. Plus, online or hybrid events can help you reach a broader audience and more potential customers.

From an educational webinar to any type of live stream, online events can help you and your brand reach new heights!

Though there are countless other types of B2B events, these are the big ones you should be thinking about.

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What are the benefits of hosting a B2B event?

When you host an event, it’s not just about keeping the people entertained from start to finish (though that is, undoubtedly, a huge part of it!)

Especially when it comes to B2B events, it’s important to understand the profound benefits that it can bring to your company or organization.

Let me break down eight key advantages of holding a B2B event for your company with the acronym BUSINESS: BBetter brand exposure, UUnique market insights, SStrategic partnerships, IImproved brand visibility, NNetworking opportunities, EEnhanced business development, SStimulated lead generation, and SStronger customer retention.

B – Better brand exposure

Building a successful brand means knowing how to market it. Establishing a memorable brand isn’t a simple task by any means, and it takes lots of time, effort, and dedication to make your name known!

Marketing events are likely the perfect chance to help others in the industry recognize your brand and company. The right event is an experience, and this experience will be many people’s first taste of what you have to offer.

Now is the perfect chance to showcase your brand to the right people!

people talking at a formal event marketing events b2b event marketing budget marketing events event marketers event website hybrid event trends encourage attendeesU – Unique market insights

Running a successful company and a powerful brand is all about knowing the market.

Understanding things like what’s hot and who your competitors are is just the start of it. That’s because you need to understand a whole lot about the market if you want to understand how to use it to your advantage.

B2B event marketing and planning will teach you a lot about the market. That way, you’ll have a unique opportunity to gather research and insights pertaining to your particular industry.

S – Strategic partnerships

Creating meaningful connections with other businesses, potential clients, and industry professionals will help you create a solid foundation for your brand and any future events.

This will be a great chance to create some collaborative opportunities for now or in the future!

I – Improved brand visibility

In addition to boosting your brand’s exposure, you can also increase brand awareness and visibility.

With the perfect event marketing strategy and the right leverage, you can successfully launch your organization and brand into the forefront. This is also key in helping you attract the right audience to your brand.

N – Networking opportunities

Business-to-business events are all about connecting organizations and businesses within a particular industry to each other.

Event organizers often seek to help event attendees network. And, when it comes to B2B events, there’s no better chance to do so than now.

Industry professionals, current and potential clients, and business leaders are likely to make an appearance at your upcoming event. By taking the time to network, you are paving the way for future collaboration, partnerships, and business opportunities!

people talking at a dinner business event marketing materials event technology marketing events event success lead generation other businesses b2b event marketing successful eventE – Enhanced business development

Part of running an organization is looking for new and innovative chances to develop the business.

By helping you connect your brand to other businesses and individuals, you’re helping your business in more ways than one. This is the foundation of genuine and long-lasting business development and growth!

S – Stimulated lead generation

Whether you’re selling an exciting, trendy item or some new, innovative software, it’s important to utilize networking opportunities and B2B events to find potential clients.

Adequate lead generation efforts will help you connect your brand to the right people who will drive its success. B2B events provide the perfect opportunity to generate quality leads from your industry.

S – Stronger customer retention

Most businesses are nothing without their customers!

You need to take considerable time and effort in order to make your clients and customers feel appreciated and wanted. You need to engage with current customers while enticing potential clients.

This will help you improve things like business relationships and customer loyalty.

The key to B2B event planning and hosting

When it comes to B2B event marketing and planning, it’s important to make sure you cover all of your bases.

You can’t let anything fall through the cracks if you want to have a successful event. This will also help you provide a memorable and engaging experience for your potential attendees!

Though there’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes when establishing event objectives and putting everything together, the real magic happens on stage. You need to find the perfect Master of Ceremonies to guide the festivities while ensuring the evening runs smoothly!

people in a hybrid business meeting marketing event b2b event marketing marketing event brand recognition in person hybrid events virtual event in personWhat can an amazing emcee do for your B2B event?

With the right emcee on stage, you can ensure your attendees are truly treated to an amazing experience. Whether your guests are business owners or industry experts, they deserve to be entertained in the right way.

The event planning process can be long and complicated, and it can be a true challenge if you’re not fully prepared. But one thing all event planners can agree upon is the value of a notable and effective keynote speaker.

Giving your event attendees the guidance and encouragement they need

Not all emcees are created equally, and it’s important to find someone who knows how to support and nurture your B2B event. A great Master of Ceremonies can ensure your event’s success while encouraging networking for everyone involved.

Plus, emcees are masters in audience interaction. If you want to give your attendees an experience worth remembering, this is the way to do it!

Things to keep in mind when planning your event

B2B event marketing and planning is a journey that can involve plenty y of different moving parts. And because of that, it can be a challenge to juggle it all!

I know how daunting it can be to plan an entire event, even if you have a trusted and reliable team on your side. So, here are a few foundational things you should keep in mind when planning your next event.

a woman sitting at a business meeting b2b event marketing event marketing event marketing potential customers marketing event planners in person lead generation#1. Identify your target audience and your event goals

From networking events to virtual events, no function would be successful without proper analysis of a target audience. You need to know who you’re trying to reach so that you can adjust your message fittingly!

Your B2B event marketing strategy should focus heavily on the people, organizations, or markets you’re trying to reach.

You should take all of that into account when planning and executing your event strategy!

#2. Create an agenda that is both compelling and informative

Though the planning and preparation of an event beforehand is undoubtedly one of the most vital parts of it all, you can’t underestimate what happens during the event.

Take plenty of time and effort to create an agenda that showcases an exciting and intriguing experience for your attendees. That’s where booking a fantastic emcee will save the day!

#3. Be sure to utilize modern technology to its full extent

As we near 2024, you should already know that event technology will be your best friend during the B2B event marketing and planning process.

From utilizing event planning software to taking advantage of social media platforms in your marketing efforts, the right tools can help streamline the processes while exposing you to a wealth of information.

#4. Analyze the effectiveness of your event marketing strategy for future events

At the end of the evening, as guests trickle home with their party favors, it’s time to look ahead to the future. Iteration is essential for executing a successful B2B event marketing strategy.

Throughout it all, be sure to keep up with things like key performance indicators, attendance rates, and lead generation so that you can see what works and what doesn’t.

That way, you’ll be set up for success at the next event!

Wrapping up

Hosting a B2B event might be just what your business needs to find some new success and drive. All you need is an entertaining emcee, the right team on your side, and this guide to ensure your event is one for the books!

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