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7 Ways to Boost Your Efficiency At Work

By May 1, 2018March 28th, 2022Post

You should treat every minute of your life as gold, but many people don’t do this. Making the most out of your time is a great approach. You have two options when it comes to increasing your output working smarter or putting in more hours. Here are seven ways you can boost your efficiency at work.

1. Track your time
It is hard to estimate the passage of time, although many people think they can do it. Knowing how much you are spending on a given task will give enable you to know how much time that task is costing you, and what you can do to make it more efficient. You will find yourself avoiding distractions in order to complete a given project within a particular time.

2. Take regular breaks
This can sound counter intuitive, but scheduling breaks have been shown to help with concentration. Taking the short breaks when doing long tasks will help because you will be able to maintain a constant level of performance. Failing to give yourself breaks between long tasks will have a large impact on your performance, and you will not be able to complete the task as good as you would have if you had taken a break.

3. Set self-imposed deadlines
It is normal to think of stress as a negative thing, but having a self-imposed and manageable level of stress can help in giving focus and meeting your goals. If you are working on an open-ended project or task, you should consider giving yourself a deadline and then stick to it. You will be surprised at how productive and focused you become.

4. Quit multitasking
Many people think multitasking is an effective tool for increasing efficiency, but you might be achieving the opposite. Studies have shown trying to do several things at a go can cause waste of time and lower productivity. You should try your best to focus on a given task and give it your all until you finish before moving on to the next.

5. Turn off notifications
It can sometimes be hard to resist the alert when it comes because you want to know the content of the text, voicemail, or email. The notification will inevitably cause an interruption, and your focus will start shifting to something else. You will not be able to focus the way you were before the notification, and it will take some time to get back in the zone. Turn off the notification when working on something, then turn it back on when you are finished.

6. Standing Meeting
Standing meetings have been shown to be effective because it increases group performance, decreases territoriality, and increases group arousal. You will see an improvement in the work and the meetings will be more productive, especially if you hire an mc for corporate events to help the meeting along and keep the atmosphere light.

7. Take exercise breaks
Taking some time off to do a little exercise has been shown to improve productivity. Sitting down for an entire day on your chair will tank your productivity, and a short walk can boost it. Once your blood starts to pump, you will get a clear head and be able to focus on your work more.

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