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5 Sales Management Training Tips And Using A Keynote Speech To Empower Your Team

By April 14, 2018December 5th, 2022Post

Training is a very important part of business growth. Not only do employees get the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder, but it also makes your business stronger. With trained managers who know what they are doing, you can establish a successful business in a difficult economy.

But how do you get the most out of the training program? More specifically, what is the best way to approach training? Here are five sales management training tips and how using a keynote speech can help to empower your team.

1. Provide A Clear Objective

There shouldn’t be any confusion as to what the training aims to address. For example, will the training be customer oriented? Or will it be based on office management? These are objectives that need to be clarified before the training starts.

2. Engaging Training Tactics

It’s one thing to have people sit in a conference room and take notes all day, while practical experience is something else. Of course, proper training courses requires solid theories that have to be understood. But theories don’t mean anything if they can’t be executed.

Focus on using training techniques that can boost execution as well as making the theory more engaging. In other words, don’t limit the training to a conference room and a boring speech maker, because it won’t be as effective as you think.

3. Clear Communication

Many employers accept communication as a given. They assume that by owning a business or managing a team, they naturally have this talent to convey what needs to get done.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case, and you need to face this issue. Sometimes it’s going to take a different voice or opinion to reach every member of your team.

4. Keep Employees Motivated

With all the pressure and routine that comes with a long-term job, it’s not surprising that employees start to lose morale after a while. And when sales management training comes their way, they are not very inspired to perform at their best. Instead, they go through the motions just to get things over with.

As the leader, you need to keep them motivated. You have to take the initiative and connect with your team if you want to bring out the best in them.

5. Learn To Listen

A big part of effective training is able to listen. Not every employee is going to find the same aspect of the program challenging, and they may have different views about executing the information they have gained. Whoever handles the training has to listen and pay attention to these issues.

So, why should you use a keynote speech or a funny MC to empower your employees? Because keynote speakers have specific abilities. And they include lifting morale, increasing motivation, establishing clear goals, and expanding perception.

Keynote speakers are naturally social, and their ultimate talent is to communicate on a universal and entertaining level. There is no better way to give your team a necessary boost in confidence and motivation than through a powerful keynote speech.

Adam Christing is a popular Event MC and Funny Motivational Speaker. He is the author of Your Life is a Joke: 12 Ways to Go from Ha Ha to AHA! (For more information go to