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Explore the Works and Imagination of an Inspiring Author

The webpage showcases the various works and accomplishments of author and speaker Adam Christing.

Discover How to Invent a Legendary Life

Explore the life and work of America’s greatest songwriter and the Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Bob Dylan can help you find your voice—even if you can’t stand his!

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Popular Books By Adam Christing

I really admire how Christing was able to create such an approachable book that is both easy to read and deeply resonant at the same time.

Alex Reviewer, "Your Life Is A Joke"

About Adam Christing

Adam Christing has given nearly 4,000 live speeches and comedy performances for audiences in 49 of the 50 US States. He is the author of several humor and personal growth books and has been profiled in Success Magazine and featured on more than 100 Radio & TV shows, including Entertainment Tonight, ABC World News, FOX News, and PBS.

He is a popular Master of Ceremonies and the Founder of He became a member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood at the age of 17. Adam is a husband and father of four and believes that the world is secretly plotting to make him happy.