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I make your success as the meeting producer my #1 priority.

I help you deliver a sensational program that delights your people.

I bring your team together with engagement and heart-warming humor.

I have been called “The Michael Jordan of emcees” — I help you win!




“Nobody is better at hosting an event! 

Adam connects with your event purpose. He creates community and fun participation. And…he makes your attendees feel good about your organization.

Adam is a mission-realization master of ceremonies. 
That’s why I have booked him (literally) more than 40 times!”

~Bruce Scott, Senior VP, Business Development, Westfall Gold
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Adam Christing Featured In The Meeting Magazines: Corporate And Incentive Travel

Engage & Entertain Your Audience

Adam Christing was recently featured on the cover of Corporate & Incentive Travel published by TheMeetingMagazines.com. The article focuses on the unique needs of corporate, association, and non-profit meeting planners.

Adam, is the Chief Entertainment Officer of CleanComedians.com. He says, “It’s great to see event producers bringing their people together again. And it feels so good to see everyone laughing and creating community.”
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Event Producers & Meeting Planners Are Saying…

“I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job for us, for keeping up the energy, entertaining our people and weaving everything together.”

-Melanie Mulhern
Events Manager, Grant Thornton International Limited

Motivational Speaking is an art that Adam Christing has gotten very good at.

“Your wisdom shared with the group both entertained and empowered them to pursue their business dreams.”

-Steve Barnes
Vice Chairman, The Academy Of Magical Arts

Motivational Speakers are open to all walks of life, and help everyone in the way they need

“Your ability to weave in customized content about our client (along with your hilarious humor and audience interaction) made our program a HUGE HIT!

-Brenda Uribe
Events Manager, Disney Entertainment

How To Be A Great Emcee

The A-Z Guide to Hosting Events

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